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Official Description:

    BibDesk is a graphical BibTeX-bibliography manager for Mac OS X. BibDesk is designed to help organize and use bibliographic databases in BibTeX .bib format. In addition to manual typing, BibDesk lets you drag & drop or cut & paste .bib files into the bibliographic database and…. also keeps track of electronic copies of literature on your computer and allows for searching your database through several keys.

    BibDesk integrates well with TeX for creating citations and bibliographies. This integration includes a Citation search completion service, and drag & drop (cut & paste) support for adding citations to TeX files.

Requires: Mac OS X
Features and

BibDesk does have Spotlight integration!

Version History

Version 1.1.5 – 6 Aug 2005

    * TeX previewing no longer causes BibDesk to hang
    * Fixed another crashing bug in the TeX previewing
    * Make sure all TeX previewing tasks are stopped before quitting

Version 1.1.4 – Bugs Fixed

    * TeX previewing no longer causes BibDesk to crash frequently
    * Fixed bug #1250770, drag-and-drop from Reference Miner was broken in 1.1.3
    * Quicksearch field tooltip now shows correct “|+” operators for Boolean search
    * Spotlight metadata items now display the item’s title in search results
    * TeX preview no longer gets confused with multiple documents
    * Table selection maintained when filtering (if only a single item was selected)
    * Drag image for large selections is now truncated at 200 characters
    * Menu validation for crossref creation will now always return a value
    * Previous dissolves are stopped when the editor drawer button changes

Version 1.1.3 Release Notes – extensive list of changes.

Version 1.1.2 Release Notes – extensive list of changes.

Version 1.1.1 – 13 Jun 2005

    Support for Jaguar and Panther systems prior to 10.3.9 should be restored in this version (tested with 10.3.8). If Jaguar isn’t working, please file a bug report; we have difficulty testing on 10.2.x systems.

    New Features
    * New menu item added for importing BibTeX which doesn’t have cite keys (such as the output from some other reference managers); see the online help for details. Response to RFE #1217684

    Bugs Fixed

    * Order of items should be more stable in sorting for crossrefs
    * Add documentation on adding references to a bibliography
    * Fix bug #1215805 (we hope); use proper path for checking existing files for unique specifiers
    * Undo-past-save warning is now a sheet
    * Crossref field in the editor will no longer display an arrow if the parent is non-existent
    * Fixed bugs #1217093 and #1213522 by invalidating a search when items are added to a document
    * Fixed an exception raised under some conditions when editing a crossref field
    * Tab-keyloop now works on 10.4, at least (tabbing between toolbar items and the pub list)
    * The action menus now use a key event when appropriate, rather than a mouse event
    * Fixed a possible crasher in the regex framework that we use for searching

Version 1.1 – 8 Jun 2005

    * Crossref support implemented (RFE 1175264). Items using the BibTeX crossref field are now searchable and sortable, and inherited fields are displayed in the main pub list and the editor. Please see the online help for notes on editing (preferences, menu items, and drag-and-drop).
    * The “add publication from…” items now have autocompletion enabled when editing (RFE 1213519)
    * Added a preference option for cleaning TeX commands or braces from format strings for AutoFile and auto cite key generation
    * The Macro editing list now has type-ahead find, so you can select an item in the list by typing part of its title (handy for looking up definitions)
    * RIS value of a publication is now accessible from AppleScript

    Bugs Fixed

    * Online version checking should be more effective; previous versions considered 1.0RC2 to be newer than 1.0
    * Refer to the correct anchor in the Help for help buttons (bug #1213603).
    * Undefined fields are now handled correctly in AppleScript. Fields are added if necessary, and an empty string is returned if the value is undefined. ‘All fields’ will now return all defined fields, not just non-empty fields.
    * Copy and Cut menu items should now be disabled when there is no selection

Version 1.0 – Jun 2005 (Changes since 1.0RC2)

    * “About the Scripts Menu” AppleScript now really works on Panther and Tiger
    * Saving in response to closing/quitting with unsaved changes wasn’t really fixed in RC2, but now it is
    * Dates with a month are no longer displayed as “?b ?Y”
    * Crash when adjusting column widths should be fixed
    * All source files now have a BSD license associated with them
    * Sending references via e-mail should work again (bug #1206867), and now sends BibTeX along with the file(s) using your default e-mail app
    * Paging through the reference list with the spacebar now works if the preview pane doesn’t need to scroll (bug #1207177)
    * Publication list selection can now be extended using shift+arrow keys (bug #1207912)
    * Undoing a field addition in the editor could lead to a hang under some conditions, and date modified was not always reset properly after undo (bug #1208038)
    * Changes to the cite key will now be immediately visible in the publications list (bug #1207909)
    * Selected row is now always visible when spacebar paging through the publications list
    * Macro definitions are now deTeXified, so accented characters should not be lost (bug #1209013)
    * Macro keys are now lowercased, and checked for duplicates (bug #1209071)
    * Export as RSS works again (bug #1209378)
    * We now ask for confirmation if prefs are set to open editor windows for new publications and you add more than 6 items at once (RFE #1209824)
    * Creation date is now set for pasted/dragged items
    * The TeX preview is now updated properly when showing the window, so you no longer have to play with the selection (bug #1210134)
    * New formatter used for type names, so they are lowercase instead of titlecase
    * AutoFile now replaces “/” with “-” in generated strings; this is optional for %f and %k; see online help for details (bug #1212129)
    * Saving while text is selected in an editor window will no longer lose the selection

RC2 Changes (May 2005) here at SourceForge.Net

Full listing of RC1 changes here at

Version 0.99.3

    IMPORTANT: a new version of the autocompletion plugin is available, which fixes an issue for jurabib users in particular; use the Autocompletion (External) preferences to reinstall the plugin.

    Preferences have been rearranged and consolidated, but the online help screenshots do not reflect this yet!

    This version also has a new feature for adding references by selecting blocks of text from the clipboard or the web and adding them directly to BibDesk. You can access the new feature from the Publication menu, but please check the online help for documentation of this feature (note the handy Help button on the sheet).

    New Features
    * Last-selected column for sorting when a document is closed will be the default sort order for new/opened documents (bug #1178642)
    * Annote and Abstract may now be saved at the end of entries (preference), which works around buffer limits in some versions of bibtex
    * Custom cite key drawer is now editable directly, rather than from preferences
    * Text import feature added, which allows adding text from the clipboard or a web page directly to a reference
    * Missing files are now shown with a question mark icon in the main pubs list
    * Can save/export as RIS
    * Encoding is now settable from Save As… dialogs
    * Fields with alphanumeric values are now sorted correctly
    * Added a “Container” column for the main pubs list that shows the title of the work that a reference is a part of (e.g. Journal for articles, Booktitle for inproceedings)
    * Added options to Copy and Export as minimal BibTeX, so you can access the pubs without BibDesk’s fields (Date-Created Date-Modified, Local-Url, Url)
    * Can now edit fields list in Defaults pref pane directly

    * New crash reporter, with fields for contact info, and it should work on Jaguar now
    * Fix exception in Character Conversion editor, improved validation of entries and editing
    * Fixed status message updating in BibEditor
    * User’s character conversion dictionary is actually loaded now, so changes should be effective
    * %f in AutoFile is no longer interpreted as Keywords
    * Use singular noun when appropriate in the document’s status display
    * BibEditor’s form/text fields no longer lose focus after saving the file
    * The proper encoding is now used for pasting, so you don’t end up with garbled accented characters
    * Frontmatter is now passed to the LaTeX preview
    * Combo boxes are now used instead of text field + popup button to selected BibTeX fields (various places)
    * Changes to BibItems are only observed by the document that contains them, instead of all open documents
    * Field for default cite key in prefs actually works now
    * Jurabib works again with autocompletion input manager
    * Dragging from the cite key drawer always gives a cite key, regardless of your prefs for dragging/copying
    * Fix bug #1183091, crash on second reordering of fields in the types editor
    * Whitespace is no longer collapsed in Abstract and Annote for preview pane below the pub list, so people who create lists with returns and tabs will see them now
    * Matthew Cook’s BDOrganizedLock is now used for locking in the LaTeX preview, which should eliminate some (hopefully all) of the thread-safety problems there
    * Changed default button, title, and warning message in the BibEditor warning sheet for unset citekey/unfiled paper; added “Discard” button for unedited pubs
    * Default encoding type is now selected in popups
    * Use a combo box for number of items to display in preview (preferences)
    * Error messages from btparse are no longer truncated
    * Ring-above is now supported in TeX accents (bug #1184564)
    * Return values from the LaTeX previewer are actually checked now, which should improve copying from it
    * Renamed RIS import service
    * RIS document encoding can now be specified for opening files (and respects default encoding in prefs)
    * CoreFoundation is now used for the background update checking, since [NSDictionary dictionaryWithURL:] was leaking memory
    * Fix bug #1185789, month not displayed in user’s locale
    * Font for added table columns is now changed properly to the user’s default font
    * Arbitrary accented characters with i and j are now converted both ways properly
    * LaTeX preview should display the currently selected item as soon as it becomes visible, so you don’t have to deselect/reselect an item to make it work
    * It’s now possible to enter &$^ in cite keys, but we warn you that this is a bad idea
    * Use Chapter instead of Title for inbook for format specifiers %t and %T
    * Fixed crasher that could occur when browsing the web in BibEditor (bug #1151065)
    * Paste/Drag errors are properly removed when their document closes (bug #944817)

Version 0.99.2

    New Features
    * BibEditor now has a status bar (which can be disabled from the main menu)
    * A warning will appear if you close an editor window without setting the cite key, or a paper needs to be filed
    * Multiple selection is now allowed in the type editing list (enables dragging/removing simultaneously)

    * Fixed a nil types warning which could occur with some bib types
    * Renamed “Number” column in main pub list to “Item Number”
    * Dragging to rearrange fields in the types editor will no longer cause a crash
    * Character conversion and types editors now revert to currently saved state on “Cancel”