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NOTE: Many links are broken as of Sep 6, 2006

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Word Processing:
Mellel – Multi-lingual word processor for researchers and writers
Nisus Writer Express – Word processor

Ulysses from The Blue Technologies Group.

Apple’s Pages (Part of iWork ’05) – Word Processor (Almost a Desktop Publisher)

A good discussion thread about word processors at – The Macintosh Writing Guide (maybe inactive, but has useful information)

About This Particular Mac – Page containing all of ATPM’s articles about outliners/notebooks
Boswellorganize, archive, categorize, automatically cross reference, manipulate, and retrieve all your text.
MacJournal by Dan Schimpf. Journal/Notebook software.

Hog Bay Notebook
from Hog Bay Software. Journal/Notebook software.
Circus Ponies Notebook (Discussion about using Notebook for Genealogy)

OmniGraffle from
. Comes with many new Macs these days. Useful for charts and diagrams.
Soundex Calculators
Mac OS X Soundex Calculator from Steve Ketcham Consulting.

Soundex Calculators (Online)
Soundex Definition/Explanation from the National Archives
Ancestor Search

Other Calculators (Online):
Birthdate Calculator (Rootsweb)

Spreadsheets – Using spreadsheets to work with census data. – Using spreadsheets to work with census data.

Genealogy Standards
GEDCOM Standard Release 5.5 Information (
GENTECH Genealogical Data Model – Information
Introduction to GEDCOM by Nigel Batty-Smith

Ben Buckner’s Guide to Exchanging GEDCOM files – worth a look, about exchanging GEDCOM files between different users/platforms.
Dick Eastman: GEDCOM XML specifications

Palm Genealogy – Genealogy Applications/Information for Palm PDA users.

Genealogy on the Macintosh by
David Tippey.
published (1996) by David Hawgood. ISBN 0 948151 13 7, 48 page
From the site “This is the first British book describing the various ways of using an Apple Macintosh computer for genealogy. It describes ways of using the integrated packages which are supplied as standard on most Macintosh computers, and also describes the shareware and commercial genealogy packages available, with comparisons and recommendations. There is practical information on transferring IGI data from CD-ROM into Macintosh format.”
Author Contact: David Tippey, Victoria Lodge, Kirkby Malham, Skipton, North Yorkshire BD23 4BS, England
Phone 01729 830547 email
Note: This book is probably out of print. We have no idea if the contact information for the author is accurate. Just found it a bit curious.

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