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GenealogyJ (2012)

GenealogyJ – Java-based Genealogy Application (older version)

NOTE: Many links below are probably broken as of March 2012, and information maybe inaccurate

Many Java/PHP/etc. based genealogy applications run just fine on the Mac OS X platform. With a little bit of time and knowledge, they can be very useful.
Applications listed by date last updated. “Official” descriptions are used,
straight from the author/company websites (similar to reading the back of a software
box in a store).

Name/Link: GenealogyJ ( Project Page)
Type: Genealogy Application (Java Based)’s Quick Look at GenealogyJ NOTE: this has been folded into the screenshot gallery.
Official Description: GenealogyJ (in short GenJ) is a full-featured standalone Java application that can handle all of your genealogic information (GEDCOM compliant). It provides different graphical components for working on your Family Tree.
Notes: Applet can be embedded in web pages.
Version: 2.3.2 Updated: 3 Feb 2005
Requirements: Java Virtual Machine 1.3+ GEDCOM Support? Yes
Languages: English, French, German
Cost/License: Free/GPL
Screenshots: Screenshots at SourceForge.Net
Demo: Applet at
Download: Here at
Forums: GenealogyJ Forums at

Name/Link: JGenea ( Project Page)
Type: Genealogy Application (Java Based)
Official Description: JGenea is a 100% java genealogy application. The aim is to permit to visualize and manipulate genealogical datas ( importation / exportation / generation of documentations ). It plugs into different sql database but has it owns by default.
Notes: Whole project appears to be in French
Version: 2.2 Updated: Mar 2004
Requirements: Java GEDCOM Support? Yes
Languages: French (Other translations appear in the works)
Cost/License: Free/GPL
Screenshots/Demo: Screenshots at
Download: Web and Ihm (Client) at
Forums: Forums at

Name/Link: GeneaPro ( Project Page)
Type: Genealogy Database (Java Based)
Official Description: GeneaPro is a multi-user, cross-platform Genealogy database program based on the GenTech Genealogical Data Model. Development planned in Java with SWT GUI and JDBC under the Eclipse IDE.
Notes: Large explanation here at
Notes: It’s still listed as Stage 1 – Planning
Version: Alpha Updated: Feb 2004
Requirements: Java GEDCOM Support? ???
Languages: English
Cost/License: Free/Common Public License
Download: Download at

Name/Link: Arboreum ( Project Page)
Type: Genealogy Application (XML/Java Based)
Official Description: The Arboreum project is a set of applications designed for genealogy researchers interested in organizing and maintaining data in a platform and data independent way. This toolset allows the researcher to import data from traditional GEDCOM files, manage the data via XML documents and a native XML database, display, edit and navigate data structures via HTML, and export data to XML, HTML or GEDCOM based file sets.
Notes: Listed as beta almost a year ago (Sep 2003)
Version: 0.2.2 Updated: Sep 2003
Requirements: Java 1.4+ GEDCOM Support? Yes
Languages: English
Cost/License: Free/GPL
Screenshots: Screenshot at
Demo: View Exported Adobe Acrobat File at
Demo: View ViewExported Web Site at
Download: Here at

Name/Link: jLifeLines ( Project Page)
Type: Genealogy Application (Java Based)
Official Description: jLifeLines is a genealogy program, based on the popular LifeLines project, to help with your family history research. Its primary strengths are its powerful scripting language and the ability to easily import and export information in the GEDCOM format.
Official Description: Translation of LifeLines from C to Java.
Version: 0.6 Updated: Oct 2003
Requirements: Java GEDCOM Support? Yes
Languages: English
Cost/License: Free/MIT License
Screenshots: Screenshots at
Download: Here at

Name/Link: GeneWeb ( Project Page)
Type: Genealogy Application with web interface (works offline)
Official Description: GeneWeb is a genealogy software program with a Web interface. It can be used off-line or in a Web environment. It uses very efficient techniques of relationship and consanguinity computing, developed in collaboration with Didier RÈmy, research Director at INRIA.
Notes: Can be used offline or in a web environment
Notes: Mac OS X is listed as a supported platform..
Notes: Maybe an unsupported/inactive project
Version: 4.09 Updated: Dec 2002
Requirements: Maybe Fink? GEDCOM Support? Yes
Languages: English, with other languages possible
Cost/License: Free/GPL
Demo: Demo from a Developer (
Download: Download at

Name/Link: @rbre Open 3D Genealogy
Type: Genealogy Application with 3D interface/output
Official Description: @rbre uses X3D to let people create, visualize, navigate and share genealogical databases using family icons as 3D trees. @rbre will include P2P functions for sharing.
Notes: Everything in French. Looks very interesting.
Notes: Uses X3D. Here is the Web3D(X3D) Official Site
Version: 0.1a Updated: Jun 2004
Requirements: Java GEDCOM Support? Probably
Languages: French, Maybe English
Cost/License: Free/GPL
Screenshots: Animated Screenshot at SourceForge.Net
Demo: Demo at
Download: Here at