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NOTE: April 2010 – Please ignore everything below this – it maybe inaccurate or outdated. I’m working on updating the information below, as well as creating individual pages

While some of these tools are Java/PHP/etc. based, they can be effectively used on the
Mac platform with a small investment of time and learning. The ability to collaborate online with other family members makes these applications very useful.
Online Publishing Utility: Usually utilities which do one thing – take a genealogical file (GEDCOM (, etc.) and export the data into a web-friendly format (HTML or a derivative), which can be uploaded to any server/homepage.
Online Publishing and Collaboration Utility: A bit more involved on the technical side of things (requiring more than just a web server serving up HTML pages). It not only displays the data, but through
PHP, Java, or another method, allows for interaction – you can edit, add, remove data, etc., and it’s done in realtime on the serveer, and others (such as family members) can go in and add information they have
as well. This usually requires you having access to a web server running PHP and maybe an SQL-type database running on the server.

Name/Link: The Next Generation of Genealogy Site Building (TNG)
Type: Online Publishing and Collaboration Utility
Official Description: a powerful way to manage and display your genealogy data on the Internet, all without generating a single page of HTML. Instead, your information is stored in MySQL database tables and dynamically displayed in attractive fashion with PHP (a scripting language).
Version: 4.2.5 Updated: Jan 2005
Requirements: PHP enabled web server, MySQL
GEDCOM Support? Yes, both import/export
Languages: Public and administrative display messages – Danish, Dutch, French, Greek, Norwegian, Swedish, German, Finnish and Spanish
Languages: Public display – also Brazilian Portuguese and Icelandic
Languages: Help files – also French and Swedish
Cost/License: $27
Demo: Collection of User Sites
Testimonials/Reviews: Official Site

Name/Link: PhpGedView ( Project Page)
Type: Online Publishing and Collaboration Utility
Official Description: PhpGedView parses GEDCOM 5.5 genealogy files and displays them on the internet in formats and charts that you are familiar with. It is designed to be a tool for online collaboration. All it requires to run is a PHP enabled web server and a Gedcom file.
Notes: project of the month – Dec 2003. In 2003, made SourceForge Top 10 most active projects list.
Notes: See the GDBI: Gedcom Database Interface, below, for a standalone Family Tree editor
Version: 3.2.1 Updated: Dec 2004
Requirements: PHP enabled web server GEDCOM Support? Yes
Languages: Danish, Dutch, English, German, Turkish (Older versions of PhpGedView have more translations, see main site)
Cost/License: Free/GPL
Demo: Sites Listing – sites using PhpGedView
Forums: Forums for PhpGedView
Third Party Reviews: PhpGedView in the Press at

Name/Link: Retrospect-GDS from Infused Solutions
( Project Page)
Type: Online Publishing Utility
Official Description: An Open Source Genealogy Display System
Official Description: Retrospect-GDS is a web application for displaying genealogical information. The design of the application is modular so that new features can be added easily.
A template system is included to make it easy to modify the look and feel. Many popular genealogy reports are available in both HTML and PDF formats.
Notes: HTML or PDF Reports : Family Group, Pedigree Chart (4 generation)
Notes: HTML or PDF Reports : Ahnentafel and Descendant (1 to 250 generations)
Notes: Replaces phpGene Project from infused solutions
Version: 1.6.4 Updated: Jan 2005
Requirements: PHP 4.2.3+, PHP module: gettext, MySQL 3.x+ or PostgreSQL 7.x+ or Microsoft SQL (all)
GEDCOM Support? Yes, 5.5
Languages: Dutch, English, German, Spanish (potential for others)
Cost/License: Free/GPL
Screenshots/Demo: Infused Solutions – Surname List, Statistics, and Search
Download: nfused Solutions
Forums: Infused Solutions – Support & Development Forums

Name/Link: GDBI: Gedcom Database Interface ( Project Page)
Type: Genealogy Database Interface
Official Description: GDBI is a genealogy program integrator. It includes an editor and the lifelines report language. It interfaces to 3 GEDCOM databases: phpGedView, GenJ, and jLifelines. At the core is a common Java API to simplify adding more databases and editors.
Notes: For phpGedView users, GDBI is a family tree editor that runs on your local PC. It is more convenient and powerful than the web interface.
Version: 12 Updated: Nov 2004
Requirements: Java GEDCOM Support? Yes
Languages: Danish, Dutch, English, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian
Cost/License: Free, GPL, MIT License
Screenshots/Demo: Screenshots at
Download: Here at SourceForge.Net

Name/Link: phpmyfamily ( Project Page)
Type: Online Publishing and Collaboration Utility
Official Description: phpmyfamily is a dynamic genealogy website builder allowing geographically dispersed family members to co-ordinate and share research. Users can import GEDCOM files, upload images and document transcripts and monitor changes to individuals.
Version: 1.4 Updated: Dec 2004
Requirements: PHP 4.2+ MySql GEDCOM Support? Yes
Languages: English
Cost/License: Free/GPL
Screenshots/Demo: Demo website (
Download: Download through SourceForge
Forums: phpfamily-announce List at

Name/Link: Karpathos ( Project Page)
Type: Online Publishing and Collaboration Utility
Official Description: A simple Python-based web framework for viewing and editing genealogy data. Allows users to browse your family tree and make changes, such as adding new people, adding or deleting images, or notes and stories. Works with GEDCOM v5.5 and Spyce.

Version: 0.5beta Updated: 2 Feb 2004
Requirements: Python GEDCOM Support? Yes
Languages: English
Cost/License: Free/GPL
Download: Download through SourceForge

Name/Link: Poplar Gedcom Viewer ( Project Page)
Type: Online Publishing and Collaboration Utility
Official Description: Poplar Gedcom Viewer is a program to dynamically display your genealogical data from a website, using PHP scripting and a MySql database.
Official Description: View and edit genealogy dynamically on a web site with PHP/MySql. Loads standard GEDCOM files. Includes both standard and tree views, comprehensive searches, themes, privacy module, guest book, GEDCOM download, GENDEX output, photo module, multi-lingual.
Notes: Standard/Tree views, Comprehensive searches, themes, privacy module, built-in guest book,
GEDCOM download functionality, photo module, GENDEX file generation.
Notes: History of Project at
Version: 2.0 Final Updated: 19 Jan 2004
Requirements: PHP & MySql Handles/Imports GEDCOM Files? Yes
Languages: Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Polish (maybe more)
Cost/License: Free/GPL
Demo: Version 2.1 Demo at
Demo: Sites using Poplar Gedcom Viewer at
Download: at SourceForge
Forums: Forums at

Name/Link: Web Gedcom Viewer (GedView) (SourceForge Project Page)
Type: Online Publishing Utilityr
Official Description: Web Gedcom Viewer is a full Web-based Gedcom viewer that uses MySQL or SQLite on the backend and Perl as the frontend with templates for easy HTML manipulation.
Notes: “From the site: Plugging in different SQL types is a breeze, as all of the SQL statements are centralized to a single pm.”
Requirements: MySQL or SQLite, Perl GEDCOM Support? Yes
Languages: English
Cost/License: Free/GPL
Demo: Author’s Demo Site (
Download: at SourceForge
Forums: Mail/List Archives at

Name/Link: GeneWeb ( Project Page)
Type: Online Publishing and Collaboration Utility
Official Description: GeneWeb is a genealogy software program with a Web interface. It can be used off-line or in a Web environment. It uses very efficient techniques of relationship and consanguinity computing, developed in collaboration with Didier RÈmy, research Director at INRIA.
Notes: Can be used offline or in a web environment
Notes: Mac OS X is listed as a supported platform..
Version: Updated: Dec 2002
Requirements: Maybe Fink? GEDCOM Support? Yes
Languages: English, with other languages possible
Cost/License: Free/GPL
Screenshots/Demo: Demo from a Developer (