Official Description

    PhpGedView parses GEDCOM 5.5 genealogy files and displays them on the internet in formats and charts that you are familiar with. It is also allows relatives to edit their genealogy online and collaborate together on their research. Project Page and Official Site

Version History

Version 3.3.5 – 28 July 2005
Version 3.3.4 – 11 May 2005

Version 3.3.x Series

    * The new user interface on the individual and family pages
    * Many new and improved online editing features
    * Ability to search across all of the gedcoms on the site
    * Improved name handling – individuals’ alternate names will appear in the lists
    * New directory structures
    * Configuration pages are easier to use
    * Automatic thumbnail creation, and improved multimedia handling
    * Support for other databases: SQLite, Postgresql, Oracle
    * New Hourglass chart
    * New alive in year list
    * New pdf reports
    * punBB module support
    * ResearchLog Module support

For a list of fixes/additions, please see the Release History for PhpGedview.