Official Description:

    phpmyfamily is a dynamic genealogy website builder allowing geographically dispersed family members to co-ordinate and share research. Users can import and export GEDCOM files, upload images and document transcripts and monitor changes to individuals.

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Version History
Version 1.4.0 – Dec 2004

    * Per individual export to GEDCOM added
    * Users able to change email addresses
    * Password recovery added
    * Implemented RFE #1065770 (Surname suffix field)
    * Spanish translation added (Thanks Miguel)
    * Better formatting of dates when not known
    * Now possible to “remember me” at login
    * People born after person are no longer shown in dropdown boxes
    * easier email monitoring of people for registered users
    * banner improved and made consistent across pages
    * Addition of email to users
    * Addition of my.php
    * Per user style sheets added, and user choice thereof
    * Fixed username bug in surnames.php

    * French translation added (Thanks Patrice)
    * Norwegian translation added (Thanks PÃ¥l)
    * German translation added (Thanks Karsten)
    * Italian translation added (Thanks FaberK)
    * Implemented RFE #973830 (Big Brother emails)
    * Implemented RFE #969325 (Login without edit)