Official Description:

    a web application for displaying genealogical information. The design of the application is modular so that new features can be added easily. A template system is included to make it easy to modify the look and feel. Many popular genealogy reports are available in both HTML and PDF formats. Retrospect-GDS also supports multiple languages. Project Page and the
Official Site
Note: For a discussion of the next release of Retrospect-GDS (1.7x) Please read these forums.

Planned Changes for 2.0:

    * Rewrite the sentence generation functions. These functions were written before I added date parsing, so they don’t take into account the differing sentence structure for different types of dates. I’ve avoided rewriting these functions until now because I know that they are going to have to get a whole lot more complicated than they are already.
    * Add a default date format for each language. Currently, there is only a global date format that is applied across all languages.
    * Enhance the alert system in the administration module. The basic idea is to use the front page of the admin module like a dashboard that shows you various stats about the system and displays any warnings or things that need tending to.
    * Add a comment system. This is easy, but needs to wait until the admin module has been re-written. The dashboard (see above) will alert when there are comments pending approval.
    * Add a photo/multimedia gallery. I will probably add just some basic photo gallery functionality for the initial 2.0 release and add additional functionality in later releases.
    * Allow editing of individual and family data in the administration module. Initially, this will probably be very bare bones but will be enhanced in future releases.

    They are also looking for volunteers to help document the new template system.

Version History

Version 2.0beta2

    * Simplified the drop-down menu
    * Fixed various display differences between Firefox, Opera,
    and IE. (I *think* these are all fixed now)
    * An error message is displayed if the username or password
    is incorrectly entered during login

Global Configuration:

    * Simplified the updates. It’s now quicker to add new
    configuration options.
    * Replaced the old debug output option with a more useful
    debugging console that opens in a separate window

User Manager:

    * Complete overhaul of user management functions
    * Tabbed interface with the ability to select multiple users to
    enable, disable , or delete
    * Added a created field to the database to track the account
    creation date
    * Added a group field to the database.

Gedcom Manager:

    * Complete overhaul of gedcom management functions
    * Tabbed interface
    * The import process will now pause if max_execution_time
    is close to being exceeded. The user will be prompted to
    continue processing or aborting. Percentage complete is
    updated every 3 seconds.
    * Only one gedcom can be published at a time. If you publish
    a different gedcom, the database will be overwritten with
    data from the new gedcom. There is currently no indication
    of which gedcom was published last.

Version 2.0.beta1:
This is the first beta version of Retrospect-GDS 2.0.

    * The smarty template engine is used now, so the templates can
    be modified without having to modify the php code itself.
    Some of the php template pages were very complicated and
    difficult to modify.

    * The default template has a cleaner look and feel and is
    compatible with IE and gecko based browsers. Opera
    compatibility has not been tested.

    * The gedcom upload/import page now supports zip files
    containing multiple gedcom files. The old zip decompress
    functions did not work on all servers and only decompressed
    the first gedcom in the zip file.

    * shortend all of the “get” url variables

Version 1.6.5

    * Fixed date translation error (problem confirmed in dutch translation, but probably effected all translations to some extent). Fixed untranslated gender string in family pdf generation.

Version 1.6.4

    * This release fixes a problem with displaying individual notes in Firefox 1.0. * It also includes a new french language translation by Robert Weinland.

Version 1.6.3

    * This release addresses a couple of problems with the dutch translation. A misspelling was fixed and the month names were changed to abreviations. * A problem where the footer text sometimes appears in the middle of the pages in Firefox was also fixed.

Version 1.6.2

    * Fixed the importing of indented gedcom files

Version 1.61

    – Updated dutch language files from Hans Warnar.

Version 1.60

    – added enhance search capabilities (locations, notes, sources)
    – added date translations
    – added date sorting for marriages, children, and event lists
    – family events are now displayed (previously only individual were displayed
    – added support for large gedcom imports