The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding

The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding from Darrin Lythgoe.

Official Description

    The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding© (“TNG”) is a powerful way to manage and display your genealogy data on the Internet, all without generating a single page of HTML. Instead, your information is stored in MySQL database tables and dynamically displayed in attractive fashion with PHP (a scripting language).

You can import data from GEDCOM files (including multiple trees from multiple GEDCOMs that are kept seperate), or build a new tree from scratch. You can restrict access only to verified users. It will run just fine for Mac or Windows users.
There are quite a few Features you should check out. Official

Requirements: Web Server/host, PHP, MySQL

Version History

Version 5.0.5 – Aug 2005

    Developer’s Note: I think version 5 has now achieved a
    significant degree of stability, seeing as the number of updates
    included here is fairly small. Here’s the rundown:

    1. Surname counts included living individuals even when living
    individuals were screened out, resulting in some minor
    confusion (fixed).
    2. Suggestions submitted using the “Suggest” tab must now have
    something entered in both the Name and Comments fields.
    3. Some place searches with more than one page of results were
    displaying inaccurate counts for the total number of
    results (fixed).
    4. Several problems related to branches and branch relabeling were
    5. The Advanced Search, when used with “Other Events”, was displaying
    duplicate names if an individual matches multiple
    search criteria (fixed).
    6. Suggestions submitted using the “Suggest” tab would fail if the
    suggestion was too long (fixed).
    7. The GEDCOM tab was appearing on the “Show Headstone” page even if
    GEDCOM downloads were blocked (fixed).
    8. Documents and photos were not being properly renumbered and sorted
    if any them were reclassified (ie, photo becomes a
    document) (fixed).
    9. The Find button for places did not work when editing an existing
    event (fixed).
    10. Browser detection algorithm was incorrectly detecting Safari 2.0 as
    Netscape 4, causing improper display of several
    charts (fixed).

    One other item to note: The change made in 5.0.4 to distinguish from
    standard English alphabet characters and other
    similar characters has been rescinded, since it made searching for many
    become case sensitive. The conventions put in
    place for that change are still there, however, so if you liked the
    5.0.4 change, you can have it back by changing the
    “binary” line near the top of globallib.php from this:

    $binary = “”;

    to this:

    $binary = “binary”;

    I am also working on a handful of other small issues, including the
    fact that the Advanced Search page does not work if
    you have too many custom event types defined. If you notice that
    happening on your site, let me know and I can tell you
    what to do.

    Also, a very small number of text messages were added in 5.0.5, so I
    will be adding those to the alternate language
    packs very soon.

Version 5.0.4 – Jul 2005

    # Addresses attached to events were not always being imported or displayed (fixed).
    # Spaces and periods have been removed from TNG cookie names because some servers couldn’t handle them.
    # Thumbnails on the What’s New page were not aligned with the top of their respective rows (fixed).
    # The “Suggest” tab was not changing to “Edit” on the showsource.php page, even after logging in with rights (fixed).
    # When displaying surnames first, the Register report was sometimes using the surname where it should have used the first name (fixed).
    # When the TNG menu was displayed as a dropdown list (instead of icons), the list would only take you to a new page if it was accompanied by a language switching dropdown (fixed).
    # The menu dropdown list did not include a link to the “Browse Sources” page (fixed).
    # If the max pedigree generations was set to less than 4, the number would revert to 1 instead (fixed).
    # Selecting a tree on the Headstones or “Show Map” pages would still show all headstones instead of narrowing the list to the selected tree (fixed).
    # When adding spouses to a family record, the gender of each spouse is no longer constrained (husband as male, wife as female).
    # Due to a typo, sources could not be deleted with the “Delete Selected” button (fixed).
    # The Marriage Type was not being displayed (fixed; bug introduced after 5.0.0).
    # Changing the order of multiple parent sets did not work and did not affect the pedigree chart (fixed).
    # An HTML-only version of the home page (called index_html.html) is now available (cannot do language switching or show if visitor is logged in).
    # The widths of the “Page” and “Citation Date” fields have been increased on the Add/Edit Citations screens.
    # When displaying “Photos & Histories” for an individual, logic now requires both a photo link *and* an actual photo be present (fixed; was previously only checking for links).
    # The Report generator’s custom SQL function did not allow a query to end in a semicolon (fixed).
    # The “Remember login” function was not working in the Admin area (fixed).
    # Addesses exported in a GEDCOM were not adhering to GEDCOM 5.5 standards, which meant data loss when the same file was imported back into TNG (fixed).
    # The presence of a DEAT tag without an accompanying date or place was not enough to get an individual labeled as deceased (fixed).
    # CSS validation errors removed from the standard pedigree chart, but Safari 2.0 problem persists. Additional bug reports submitted to Apple.
    # Validation for name and comments fields added to the “Suggest” page (text messages forthcoming).
    # GEDCOM media export now includes complete path (within “photos” or “histories” folder), whether Local Path is specified or not.
    # Photos linked to a living individual but marked “Always viewable” were still showing “Details withheld” on the What’s New and Browse Photos pages.
    # Some users were being directed to the correct page after a login, logout or change language operation (fixed).
    # Sources that directly followed notes in a GEDCOM were being assigned to the note and not the individual on import (fixed).
    # Database queries could not tell the difference between standard English alphabet characters and other similar characters (for example, “n” and “ñ”; fixed).

Version 5.0.3

    1. The “Tentative Edit” and “Allow LDS” user rights were not restricted
    to assigned branches (where applicable; fixed).
    2. Users could not be assigned to a branch if no people had yet
    received that branch label (fixed).
    3. Person and Family IDs for new records were not being automatically
    generated when the New Person/New Family pages
    were loaded (fixed).
    4. Citations attached to the LDS Sealed to Parents event were not being
    displayed (fixed).
    5. Source citations immediately following notes in a GEDCOM file were
    being incorrectly assigned to those notes on
    import (fixed).
    6. Names for the username and password fields on the Admin login page
    were changed to “tngusername” and “tngpassword” so
    that Firefox would not automatically plug the admin login into every
    new user created or existing user edited.
    7. Marriages between a living and a deceased spouse were being shown on
    the Register page without proper rights if the
    deceased spouse came second on the page (fixed).
    8. Messages “photo available” and “history available” were not
    translatable (fixed, requires translation from English in
    all languages).
    9. Hidden feature allows you to control the number of leading zeros in
    imported IDs (see top of
    10. “Repeat last search” did not work on Admin/Places (fixed).
    11. Photos and thumbnails for living individuals were not being
    displayed if election was made to always show living
    data (fixed).
    12. Add New User and Modify Existing User pages rearranged to remove
    13. Total “Histories and Documents” on Statistics page did not include
    v5 “documents” (fixed).
    14. Logout was not working properly, due to bug introduced in 5.0.2
    15. Import “Append” feature was not working as of 5.0 (fixed).
    16. Field length for Custom Event “Type” was not long enough
    (lengthened to 90 characters).
    17. Notes were not being renumbered on import with “Append” feature
    18. Different MySQL concatenation function now used (CONCAT_WS instead
    of CONCAT) when gluing name parts together.
    19. E-mail addresses with a period after the first character were not
    being validated (fixed).

Version 5.0.2 – Jun 2005

Version 5.0 – May 2005

    Listing of all changes at the author’s site.
    Major Changes:
    * Tentative Edit: Allow users to make suggestions or submit changes that only become permanent upon your review.
    * Dates & Anniversaries: Quickly find all individuals associated with any date in history.
    * Places: Search all places, drill down through localities and merge duplicates.
    * History Creator: Easily build histories and biographies with the same look and feel as the rest of your site.
    * Timeline Events: Graph and compare the lifespans of an unlimited number of individuals on top of a backdrop of historical events important to your heritage.
    * Easier setup: The installation guide has been redesigned to get you up and running faster and easier.
    * Improved public interface: New tabs and icons put more options within reach of all visitors.
    * More search options: Advanced Search page now lets you search on almost every event type.
    * Better control over GEDCOM imports and exports, custom reports, display of “Living” information and much more.
    * Plus many more improvements, including new pedigree views, collapsible descendancy charts, image maps and support for scanned documents!

Version 4.2.6

    1) Deleting a person record resulted in a PHP parsing error (fixed).
    2) Footer now includes current copyright year (only fixed in full
    version, so as not to overwrite your custom footer).
    3) The header for “Linked to” on the What’s New page was not visible,
    and the Last Modified date was not correctly
    aligned in one section (fixed).
    4) Report pages would always number items the same, even when the
    results went to a second page (fixed).
    5) IDs for living spouses were visible on the Report pages even when
    the user did not have rights to see them (fixed).
    6) When exporting media links in a GEDCOM, slashes were being
    duplicated or were facing the wrong direction (fixed).
    7) LDS “Sealed to Parents” information was not being imported in some
    situations (fixed).
    8) Doing a search for a person’s first name would still yield results
    for living individuals when “Show Names for
    Living” was set to “No” or “Abbreviated” (fixed).
    9) A Divorce event was not being imported if the GEDCOM contained only
    a “Y” instead of a date or place (fixed).
    10) A few problems relating to the importing of multimedia links from
    Family Historian were fixed.
    11) Burial place was not being displayed on the Register report if no
    burial date existed (fixed).
    12) Some source records would throw an error when imported under PHP 5
    13) Custom events with extra CR/LFs would cause blank lines in exported
    GEDCOMs (fixed).
    14) Multiple cross-reference notes attached to the same individual were
    not being exported properly (fixed).
    15) A variable containing the spouse name was not being reset properly
    on the individual page, resulting in improper
    relationships when a single-spouse family followed a 2-spouse family
    16) Setting a Default Tree would cause link errors on the Browse Photos
    page when switching to a new tree (fixed).
    17) Ahnentafel requests were being logged as Descendancy requests
    18) The “Find…” window did not work with individuals who had double
    quotes in their name (fixed).
    19) Logging out returned you to the home page instead of the last page
    visited and did not preserve the selected
    language (fixed).

Version 4.2.5 – Jan 2005

    * Deleting a record resulted in an error message on some systems,
    although the record was still successfully deleted
    * Photos with spaces or special characters in the file name were not
    being displayed (fix was included with 4.2.4
    shortly after its initial release)
    * Deleting the last record from a set of search results would display
    a “No results” message (people fixed in 4.2.4,
    everything else fixed here).
    * Deleting a photo or headstone would cause the physical file
    associated with the record to be removed even if other
    records were still linked to the same physical file (fixed).
    * Procedure for creating new People/Family/Source IDs has been greatly
    improved, speeding up the process for large
    * The graphical descendancy tracker was not showing thumbnails flagged
    as “Always viewable” (fixed).
    * The “Show Map” page under Cemeteries was hiding names of deceased
    individuals it thought were living (fixed).
    * Using the Search feature or tree selection on “Browse Photos” or
    “Browse Headstones” correctly limited the number of
    entries displayed, but this limitation was not carried forward after
    entering the “Show Photo” or “Show Headstone” page
    * General family source citations (those not linked to a specific
    event) were not being imported (fixed).
    * Blank IDs could be submitted on the Add Person/Family/Source pages
    by entering spaces (fixed).
    * Install guide amended to recommend tighter security on Backups

Version 4.2.3 – Dec 2004

    Note from Darrin: … you’ll notice that the public messages are now available in
    Icelandic (special thanks to Ómar Magnússon).
    Thanks again for all your help & suggestions, as well as your patience.
    Very soon now I plan to start implementing quite
    a few of your more involved suggestions.

    Major Changes:
    1) The expand/collapse capability added to the standard
    chart. There’s obviously more we can do here (allow
    you to choose collapsed or expanded to start, provide a switch to
    expand/collapse all, add a small legend at the top),
    but I’ll save that for the next version with text message updates.
    Thanks to the many of you who helped evaluate this.
    2) The new compacted display for the Browse Photos/Histories/Headstones
    pages, plus the What’s New page. I just decided
    that it was more space-efficient to put the notes under the main title
    and call it all “Description”.
    3) The Advanced Search now searches all note types (remember the
    contest?). I was actually pretty close to finding the
    answer myself before I threw it out there. My problem was that I wasn’t
    making use of “foreign keys”, and my queries
    were dreadfully slow, so even though my solution was correct, it wasn’t
    ever coming back. You’ll notice that the
    dbupdate portion of this update creates quite a few foreign key
    relationships for your tables, so hopefully this will
    speed things up a bit for you as well.

    Minor Changes:
    1) Text on some pages put in “DIV” container to allow for greater
    flexibility in custom formatting.
    2) Standard descendancy chart now collapses and expands by family
    3) Simple and advanced search will no longer return matches for living
    individuals if search criteria would give clues
    to their identity.
    4) The “Browse Photos” and “Browse Histories” pages were sometimes
    indicating an incorrect number for total
    photos/histories (fixed).
    5) A “Select” button on the Data Import screen now allows you to select
    from files in your GEDCOM folder.
    6) The Backup utility now sets rights to 664 on all files created
    (where allowed).
    7) Foreign keys added to many tables to speed up queries.
    8) Advanced Search with Notes criteria now searches all note types.
    9) The “Find…” window (Relationship, Timeline) was not recognizing
    surname prefixes (fixed).
    10) When the number of photos or histories necessitate “Prev” and
    “Next” links, these links will now appear beyond the
    first and last page number links.
    11) Report fields now convert CR/LFs to HTML line breaks in many
    12) Improved, compacted display for Browse Photos/Histories/Headstones.
    13) The thumbnail and Individual/Family/Source name that appear at the
    top of related pages are now displayed inside an
    HTML table to allow for greater flexibility in custom formatting.
    14) History links for living individuals were sometimes being displayed
    even though visitor did not have proper
    permissions (fixed).
    15) Users may no longer delete their own tree unless they are the
    system administrator (not assigned to a tree).
    16) Notes attached to sources were not being deleted when data was
    re-imported, resulting in duplicate note entries
    17) Unnecessary upper-casing of search criteria eliminated from search
    function (was causing a problem with one version
    of MySQL).
    18) The “Show death/burial information” option on the Advanced Search
    page would not work on subsequent pages if search
    yielded more results than would fit on one page (fixed).

Version 4.1.3 – Sep 2004