OurTreePro Note: Development appears to have stopped on this software.

Screenshot of latest beta (21 June 2007) – Click for bigger image:

You can view more screenshots at the official site (login required)

Official Website: OurTreePro

Requirements: Mac or Windows

Version History:
* Version 0.2b – June 2007
* Version 0.1b1 – see developer’s posting at OurTreePro.com. May 2007

Developer’s Description:

Hi, I’m Ron Smith and I’m introducing OurTreePro, a serious software tool for genealogy research.

OurTreePro was conceived and written out of my own desires and needs to have streamlined and quick access to my own genealogy research. I’ve used several other tools, some very popular, but which were written only for the Macintosh.

This software is written using FileMaker® Pro, a cross platform, enterprise capable database development environment which is a very rich, robust database program with some very important attributes at initial release.

* Cross-platform – Mac and Windows
* Runs in both single user and multi-user environments
* Supports GEDCOM 5.5

Future Features:
* Support for GedXML6.0 (possibly)
* Real-time web publishing through FileMaker Server Advanced
* Export files for standard web server publishing
* Genelogical charts and documentary printouts including book form (as of beta 1)
* Possible integration with The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding