Ovolab Geophoto

Ovolab Geophoto

Official Website: http://www.ovolab.com/geophoto/
Type: Location-based Photo Browsing/Management
Latest Version: Version 1.3 (23 May 2007)
Cost: $19.95
Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 (Universal Binary). Graphics Card with 64MB of Video Memory (minimum). Requires internet connection when using features specific to online services.
Download/Trial: Available at official website above.

* Can import from iPhoto or Aperture
* Can use Photocast or Flickr to share your images
* Supports many image formats, including JPEG and Camera RAW
* Reads GPS data, IPTC tags, and other image properties embedded in photos.

Developer’s Description:

With Ovolab Geophoto, you can see your pictures from a new perspective. Break the limits of long lists of pictures sorted by date! You can now browse your photo albums by location, easily finding the pictures you’ve taken in a particular place, during a particular trip.

Orbit around the Earth to view all the countries you have visited, or zoom into your city for a view of the pictures you’ve taken at home, or at your friends’ places.

And you can share your photos as well, allowing your friends to zoom across the planet and see where your pictures were taken and how far you’ve traveled.

Ovolab Geophoto

Version History:
Version 1.3 (23 May 2007)
* Added the ability to display cities on the 3D globe, thanks to a database of more than 83,000 cities worldwide.
* Minor optimizations.

Version 1.2 (8 May 2007)
* The loupe now displays a crosshair while dragging pictures on the globe, for accurately positioning items.
* Tags are now shown, in the tag cloud, with different font sizes depending on how frequent each tag is within the current group.
* Improved the appearance of the tag cloud.
* Improved the appearance of the loupe against dark backgrounds.
* Fixed a bug which caused the application to crash when quitting under certain circumstances.