OurTree Pro to Enter Public Beta Soon

OurTreePro Ron Smith, developer of OurTreePro, is set to release the first public beta of OurTreePro v0.2, which was written using FileMaker 9, within the next few days (possibly tomorrow). OurTreePro is a single or multi-user genealogy database (including deployment through FileMaker Server 9). It’s currently based on GEDCOM 5.5 standards, however he is working moving towards GenXML (which allows for a lot more flexibility when it comes to storing information/data).

Some of the features that were added and/or will be possible since he has moved to FileMaker include:

Direct integration with SQL databases used in web-based genealogy applications like TNG (The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding) will be possible using FileMaker 9’s SQL database integration. Publishing a web site will no longer require tedious maintenance of separate data stores. Use OurTreePro to maintain your genealogy research, and have it automatically connect to your TNG web site and update the SQL databases instantly.

Image handling and direct scanner integration will allow you to go from photograph directly to your genealogy data. Handle and sort documents, headstone markers, photos, and anything that you can scan with ease! OurTreeProâ„¢ is a very VISUAL experience.

He is looking for assistance on testing against various GEDCOM files:

I need some hlep! Even though my own GedCom file has about 1550 individuals and almost 500 families, I need to test the GedCom file import function on as many real GedCom files as possible. If you would like to participate in a small way in developing OurTreeProâ„¢ by sending me your own, real GedCom files, it would be most appreciated.

All information that you submit to me is private and and will be destroyed at the end of testing. Please use the ‘Contact Me’ page to let me know that you are interested. I’ll respond as quickly as possible.

Personal Ancestry Writer II – Version 72

Personal Ancestry Writer II Last friday, Personal Ancestry Writer II (PAWriter)- Version 72 was released by Howard Metcalfe. PAWriter is a free Mac genealogy program that incorporates a lot of features found in the original Personal Ancestral File (PAF) for Mac OS/Classic while adding new features in (including many requested by users). Version 72 fixes a bug with the ‘Find Person’ window, as well as adjusting what could be considered possible problems, and adds an option to Ahnentafels in regards to hiding information on living people.

You can download it here (PAWriter forums)

* The source for the crash occurring in the OS X version when double-clicking on a person in the Find Person window has been isolated and corrected. With this correction, the window will open normally every time. Note that this problem occurred in other actions using the Find Person window, e.g., in Merge by Name and Find Relationship by Name. The crash in these other cases is eliminated as well.
* Children adopted by older people will no longer appear in the list of possible problems (previously listed under women 48 years old or older and under men 72 years old or older).
* An option has been added to Ahnentafels to suppress data for people who may be living. The Reference guide has been updated to state this option.

MacFamilyTree 4.5

MacFamilyTree MacFamilyTree 4.5 has been released by OnlyMac Software (Now Synium Software).

MacFamilyTree is a Mac OS X genealogy application that important data from other Mac applicatoins, such as iPhoto, Google Earth, etc., when building your family tree.

This release adds a new report for birthdays, as well as adding time stamps to files exported to HTML, as well as a couple of bug fixes.

* Added new report “Birthdays”, showing all persons with birthdays within the next 12 months and optional display limited to only living persons.
* HTML export improved by adding a time stamp, allowing a better identification of exported data.
* Fixed an issue regarding the search functionality, which could lead to a potential crash of the application.
* fixed some errors in the “Events” report.

iFamily for Tiger V2.235

iFamily for Tiger iFamily for Tiger V2.235 was released today. iFamily for Tiger is a unique Mac OS X (10.4+) genealogy application in that it focuses on individuals rather than families.

Enhancements in V2.235 (since V2.217)
Context Diagram
• Indication of number of spouses.
• Option to display gender symbols.
• Option to display of picture for each person.
• Permits same gender unions.
• Improved sequencing of spouses and children.

People Index
• Added display of consanguinity.

Events pane
• Enhanced per user feedback.

Ancestors and Descendants Diagrams
• Multiple root paths highlighted.
• Option to display gender symbols.
• User can expand and contract branches.
• Added panel to find and highlight a person.
• Added additional colour options.

• Improved handling of Polish, Czech and Portuguese accented characters.

You can download the update here (iFamilyForTiger.com) and discuss it here (iFamily for Tiger discussions).

Review: Mac Heredis 10.2 (Macworld)

Mac Heredis X.2 10.2 Jeffery Battersby has written another Mac genealogy review, this time of Mac Heredis 10.2 or X.2. Mac Heredis 10.2 is a commercial Mac OS X genealogy application that was released in late 2005, with a few updates since then.

He stresses GEDCOM importing and lack of LDS ordinances, quote:

Like almost every other genealogy program we’ve reviewed recently, Heredis is very limited in supporting LDS (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) ordinances, handling only baptism, confirmation, endowment, and parental links. It would be possible, though not optimal, to enter the missing LDS ordinances using one of the program’s customizable fields.

Heredis also can import data saved as GEDCOM files, a standard among genealogy programs, and easily handled my test file with well over 1,000 records. In addition, the program will find and merge duplicate entries in your database—a valuable, time-saving feature.

Full review at Macworld

Note: Their reviews are starting to show up in the offline Macworld Magazine!

Osk 4.7

Osk Genealogy - Mac OS X Osk 4.7 is now available from Studlar. This is considered a major update to the Mac OS X genealogy program. Osk is $29, and this update is free for current users. It’s available in English, Icelandic, Russian, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, and Italian.

One of the more interesting features of Osk is that it tracks illness, deaths, education, and jobs throughout your family tree (i.e. it’s easy to look up people who held a similar job or had a similar illness).

* Big refactoring
* New bindings and functions
* Now even easier to use.

If you aren’t familiar with the term “refactoring”, it’s basically when an application is changed to improve its readability/user interface, or to simplify things, without changing its data or the resulting output/results.