Macworld Reviews iFamily for Tiger 2.2

iFamily for TigerMacworld has published a review today of iFamily for Tiger 2.2. Once again it’s Jeffery Battersby, who has reviewed several other Mac genealogy applications as well.

It’s $30 and available at

He gave it 3.5 out of 5 mice, saying:

iFamily for Tiger 2.2 provides a simple interface to create and edit your family data, includes great search tools, and integrates well with iPhoto

FileMaker 9 Announced

FileMaker 9 has been announced, with four versions: FileMaker Pro 9, FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced, FileMaker Server 9, FileMaker Server 9 Advanced. Several Mac genealogy applications and utilities have used previous versions of FileMaker, including one or two genealogy applications currently in development. This is considered one of the biggest upgrades in years, with over 30 new major features/changes.

Creation, automation, sharing and database reports have been simplified for both users and database developers. Online collaboration has really been stressed in this release.

Full details at

MacFamilyTree 4.4.9

MacFamilyTree 4.4.9 was released yesterday. MacFamilyTree is a Mac OS X genealogy application that can also utilize data from other Mac OS X applications (iPhoto, Google Earth, etc.) when building your family tree.

This release contains an improvement in location management, reading GEDCOM files, and navigation.

* New Places Database containing more geographic locations, adding also the number of inhabitants.

* Improved reliability when reading Gedcom files with malformed Note entries.

* Events shown on the Family Card, can be accessed again by jumping from one text box to another, using the “Tab”-Key

Syncing iFamily for Tiger with iPhone

iFamily for TigerIf you are curious about iPhone functionality and genealogy applications, iFamily for Tiger allows you to export certain data to iCal, which can then be synced with your iPhone:

You can now get daily alarms and reminders on your iPhone of when all your long dead ancestors and relatives were born, married and died.

You can read this thread at the forums.

iFamily for Tiger V2.217

iFamily for TigeriFamily for Tiger V2.217 was officially released today. iFamily for Tiger is a Mac OS X (10.4+) genealogy application. It can be downloaded here: This is a major update with several new features.

Events – On this Day
– A new menu option has been added called Events – On This Day.

Toolbar Search Field
– Added search filter for Marriage Year

Parent-Child Relationships Dialog
– Corrected error in inital display for adopted children

Pictures Pane
– Movies may now be added to the Pictures pane.

Import from Gedcom
– Added special handling for a variety of custom tags from FTW Gedcom files.
– Corrected an error in processing a source related to marriage event.
– Improved handling or Source Repository records.

Export to Gedcom
– Added an option to exclude custom tags from the exported Gedcom File, except for _MILT which is a defacto standard. Custom Tags are those that start with an underscore and are not officially defined in the Gedcom 5.5 Specification.
– Corrected Export Pictures to handle filenames in databases where the folder iFamilyForTigerData has previously been moved.
– All custom tags generated by iFamily for Tiger are now formatted as _ABCD, eg _Location is now _LOCN, _Date is now _DATE

Export BirthDays to iCal
– Added options to export Wedding Anniversaries and Deaths as well as BirthDays to iCal.

iFamily for Tiger v2.211

iFamily for TigeriFamily for Tiger v2.211 was released today. It’s a Mac OS X (10.4+) genealogy program and this release (along with v2.210) contains a number of additions and enhancements to the Ancestors and Descendants Diagrams.

The Ancestors and Descendants diagrams have been enhanced (as per V2.210)
* Customisable user defaults, factory defaults, overridden defaults
* Options to include full name, Id, birth, death, marriages and notes
* Options for colors of text strings and background
* Names only option – an overview mode
* Multi-line text fields
* Improved scrunching
* Improved pagination for printing
* Box nudging (in vertical mode only)
* When you invoke the Ancestors or Descendants diagrams the number of generations will automatically default to 5 generations
* The generations stepper will auto-repeat when the Names Only mode is active
* Added summary info to mini personal details floating dialog

Ancestors and Descendants Diagrams (V2.211)
* Added a timeline across the top of the window (horizontal mode).
* Added display of “Refer Above” when branches are repeated, e.g. when cousins marry.
* Corrected memory management to avoid the spinning beach-ball when displaying large diagrams.
* Changed the generations indicator in the toolbar to be an editable field to avoid having expand/contract by one generation at a time using the stepper.

Main Menu (V2.211)
* Added menu options for Attach Existing Person as Parent /Spouse /Child. A number of people have asked how to do this so the existing Right Click pop-up menu was obviously not intuitive.