MacFamilyTree 4.4.8

MacFamilyTree 4.4.8 is now available. MacFamilyTree is a Mac OS X genealogy application that can also utilize data from other Mac OS X applications (iPhoto, Google Earth, etc.).

* Support for dates before christ: MacFamilyTree now interprets dates with the prefix “BC” as dates before christ.
* Pictures and other media are now exported if assigned to a person event when exporting a web site
* Bug fixed which caused the HTML export to crash while exporting trees with many large pictures

OurTreePro v0.2b Beta

OurTreePro Ron Smith posted that he’s working on v0.2b of OurTreePro. OurTreePro is a cross-platform (Windows and Mac) genealogy application that can run in both single user and multi-user environments, with possible real-time integration through FileMaker Server Advanced.

He’s also included a screenshot of the main interface (I’ve posted it here, you can view more screenshots at the official site (login required)). He can’t say much about 0.2b right now, but he has posted information about his plans beyond the v0.1b1 beta here.

Ron Smith posted this message:

Despite the very short time that version v0.1b1 has been up, some very important developments have occurred. These have caused a sudden lurch forward to v0.2b. The main screen shot is available for viewing with the v0.1b screenshot images. I encourage everyone to take a look at all the screen shots.

The downside of version v0.2b is that presently I will be UNABLE to post this version as a download, due to a binding contractual non-disclosure agreement.

The current beta v0.1b1 will continue to be available. Though I won’t be developing on that version further, I still covet your constructive input.

The New Digital Darkroom – Macworld

Since most of us have found ourselves dealing with a lot of photos, both digital and physical, Macworld has put together a really good article, The new digital darkroom, that briefly covers Adobe Lightroom, and Apple iPhoto and Aperture.

It delves into organizing and managing your photos, as well as publishing (slide shows, printing, web pages, etc.). It also looks at where Photoshop fits into the scheme of things.

Mac Notepad 4.4

Mac notepad Mac Notepad 4.4 is available. Mac Notepad is a Mac OS X (Mac OS X 10.2 required) application that allows you to manage and edit text data, similar to journaling software. It also allows you to export and import from iPod Notes, another application from Apimac that stores text information on your iPod. You can password-protect your information if you feel the need to.

This release adds the “new Valentina database 3 engine” as well as includes minor interface tweaks.

Family Ties (Familienbande) – June 16, 2007

Family Ties FamilienbandeA new version of Family Ties/Familienbande was released a few days ago. It’s a free Mac OS X (and MacOS 8.6/9 with Carbon) genealogy application written by Stefan Mettenbrink. It is only available in German, but it can be used by non-German speaking genealogists who are willing to work out the interface. There is apparently an Intel-specific version available if you contact the author (the normal version runs fine on either PowerPC or Intel-based Macs). It can be downloaded here (

The following is a translation of the changes, using Google’s language tools. Any inaccuracies are a reflection of that and not the software developers.

* When updating the person list, the current position is maintained
* The SOURCE buttons have a larger font, if source data is present
* Representation errors in statistics functions repaired
* If additional data was loaded, the original file name did not remain
* If “use last denomination” was selected, the new denomination did not always change.
* When removing indivduals, exceptions such as multiple marriage, etc. was not adapted
* In the plausibility check window, the exceptions are indicated
* In the plausibility check window, exceptions can be deleted
* During GEDCOM import, wrong dates were read in if the SOURCE record indicated an amendment date
* Errors in the print routine repaired
* Plausibility check can examine/evaluate dates now
* GEDCOM export computed the families incorrectly
* During GEDCOM import, when broken links are imported, it would result in an error. Fixed.
* Error with the import of GEDCOM dates which use (UTF-16) encoding is fixed
* During GEDCOM importing, words with special characters can be indicated by a flag for examination
* Errors in the list of persons repaired
* Assuming the last denomination did not always function
* Improvement of the reference pictures
* In the list of persons, persons with identical first names are sorted according to other criteria
* Backup function inserted
* Excel/CSV import improved
* Various smaller corrections

iFamily For Tiger v2.204

iFamily for TigeriFamily for Tiger V2.204 was released last week. iFamily for Tiger is a Mac OS X (10.4 required) genealogy application, and this is a major release/update, including improved picture editing, and additional navigation features in the Context Diagram NAvigation.


Context Diagram Navigation
* Added navigation to the siblings of the Focal Person. When you right click on the Focal Person the pop-up menu now includes an option to promote any of the Focal Person’s siblings to be the new Focal Person of the diagram. The keyboard shortcuts for the previous and next siblings are Apple+UpArrow and Apple+DownArrow respectively.

Picture Editor
* Improved the cropping action when Portrait and Landscape modes are active.

Attach Existing Person dialogs
* Added a column for each person’s numeric identifier in the tables in each dialog.

Bug Fixes
* In the Picture Editor the list of Other References sometimes contained a reference that did not actually exist. The error also occurred in the list of “Other References” in the pop-up menu in the Picture pane of the main window.
* After disconnecting a spouse you may have received an error message that “Core Data could not fulfill a fault”.
* iFamily for Tiger got confused when you used Undo immediately after using “Add Unconnected Person”.