Osk 4.5

Osk Genealogy - Mac OS X
Osk 4.5 has been released. It’s a genealogy application for Mac OS X (Universal Binary) that focuses on making it easy to handle difficult genealogy data, including same-sex couples, adoptions, multiple marriages, etc. It has a component to export your family tree to the web, as well as working with location-based genealog information.

* Italian translation added
* No limit on familytree sizes
* Internal components updated
* Internal improvements

Bee Docs Timeline 1.53

Bee Docs' Timeline
Bee Docs Timeline has been updated with two minor changes. This brings it up to version 1.53. Bee Docs Timeline is a Universal Binary application that handles timelines – charts, exhibits, etc. It has an automatic layout feature, and can be exported as a PDF file (as well as TIFF, ONG, EPS, and Tab-delineated).

* Fixed bug with exporting events that contain line breaks in the label
* Added Jazz Pianists and Poets to example timelines

MacFamilyTree 4.4.2


MacFamilyTree 4.4.2, an update to the the genealogy application from OnlyMac Software (Now Synium Software), has been released. Version 4.4.2 consists of bug fixes and a change to how file encoding is handled when exporting.

* File encoding can be specified when exporting single or multiple persons
* Several minor issues fixed in the kinship report
* Search crash fixed

Reunion 9.02

Reunion 9Reunion 9.02 has now been released. This contains bug fixes as well as requested changes and some changes concerning users upgrading to Reunion 9.

* Cascading Pedigree – return address is now included.
* Clipboard – fixed a problem updating the Index when using the Clear button in the Clipboard to delete people.
* CSS – cleaned up some CSS issues with web family cards and surname management.
* CSS – fixed a

problem in the CSS descendant report when putting places on a separate line.
* CSS – fixed span problem with citations in notes, making text progressively smaller for some web styles.
* Drag and drop – items from the Multimedia window can be dragged to children appearing in lists on the family card.
* Edit Family, adding children – sex was sometimes not retained (other possible related problems)
* Edit Person window – the Option + Enter key was adding a Return char in fields.
* Edit Person window – when editing citation detail, no longer need to press Enter key twice.
* Family Card – Age column in child list was empty for people who died after the maximum Living Age setting in date feasibility.
* Family Card – citation size in note fields on family card is smaller.
* Family Card – increased limit of citations visible in name field on family card to 25.
* Family Card, views – Other Children field will wrap text.
* Find -> Replace – fixed a problem with “whole word” searches.
* Find Anything – creating a preset with empty text field no longer says ‘(null)’ when the preset is recalled via a menu.
* Find Anything – tab key now behaves properly with fields in multiple conditions.
* Find Anything, Couples, Notes – now finds text properly.
* Finding, Searching & Sorting – improved when words include diacritical marks.
* Fonts – “Data Entry/Lists” font choice will also be applied to the free-form text field of source records.
* Fonts – note field fonts (chosen in Field Preferences) apply to data entry and on the family card.
* GEDCOM files – changed icon of GEDCOM files to distinguish from family files.
* Insertion cursor in index, place lists, tab key – no longer disappears due to System Preferences/Keyboard & Mouse/Full Keyboard Access/All Controls setting. Continue reading

Family 2.0.2

MacFamilyTreeFamily version 2.0.2 has been released by Saltatory Software. Family is a Universal Binary genealogy application for Mac OS X. This release includes changes to the “StoryTelling” and “Additional Information” areas of the application, as well as improved search.

* StoryTelling and Additional Information are now on their own tabs.
* It is now easier to use formatting in the StoryTelling tab thanks to an action menu.
* Renamed Additional Information. It is now Documents and Media.
* Replaced the document icon. (thanks Leon!)
* Family now allows any text to be entered into the birth/death date fields.
* StoryTelling now has the ability to have a link created, via the action button.
* Fixed a problem with deselection.
* Added a new, built-in help system.
* Search now searches through dates as well as names.

It can be downloaded here (saltatory.com)

MacFamilyTree 4.4.1


MacFamilyTree 4.4.1 has been released by OnlyMac Software. This release adds some functionality to make MFT more compatible with Ancestry.com, as well as a data loss feature.

* A file can be saved as UTF-8 now to make it more compatible with Ancestry.com
* Images are copied to Documents/Pictures/Media by default to prevent data loss
* Font sizes in the kinship report are adjustable in the options
* Fixed several minor problems with the kinship report
* Fixed a problem displaying thumbnails in the search view