MemoryMiner’s Future Additions – GEDCOM Support

While checking the MemoryMiner Blog, I noticed that GroupSmarts, LLC, is adding some of the most requested features for MemoryMiner in the upcoming version 1.1 release:
* GEDCOM import
* Read embedded IPTC metadata (to automatically associate to people and places in MemoryMiner)
* Automatic upload to .Mac and (S)FTP servers (to make publishing easier)

They note that it should make genealogists happy, and I believe it will.

On a sidenote, MemoryMiner won a 2006 Macworld Best of Show award (that link will give you a good review of MemoryMiner).

Finally, John Fox of GroupSmarts, LLC, was interviewed in a Podcast at where he discusses what goes into MemoryMiner and how it came about (very detailed discussion).

MemoryMiner 1.0.5

MemoryMiner 1.0.5 has been released by GroupSmarts, LLC. It’s a Mac OS X appliaction (Mac OS X 10.4.3+/Universal Binary) that allows you to use photos as “individual frames in a type of endless story board. The story elements are linked to each other by way of annotation layers identifying the people, places, dates and events captured in each frame. As links are made, it becomes easy and tremendously interesting to explore the threads which link people’s lives across time, place and shared experience.”

Changes: (via
* Adds some enhancements.
* Corrects some problems with the XML Export.
* Has a newer Flash skin with support for displaying attached files and URLs.

Announcing Family 1.0

Family 1.0 has been released. This is a brand new genealogy application (the second one this month I believe). It requires Mac OS X 10.4 and is a Universal Binary. All genealogy information, multimedia, etc., are contained in a single file. A demo can be downloaded here. The demo has full functionality for 15 launches (15 minutes apiece) except for export functions.

* Intuitive User Interface
* Spotlight-like search
* Zero Configuration
* PDF, JPEG and PNG Export
* Per-Person Customizable Traits

GEDitCOM 3.72

GEDitCOM 3.72 has been released by John Nairn. GEDitCOM is a customizable genealogy program for MacOS 8.1 with CarbonLib or Mac OS X. It’s customizable in that the interface and output can be changed by the user to an interface that they prefer (either one already pre-defined by other users, or one that the user has created). It’s centered around using GEDCOM files and maintaining GEDCOM compatability. You can download it here. It has a demo version that can be used to browse/view GEDCOM files to give you a feel for it (and the registered version includes free future updates).

Changes in 3.72 (User requested).
* Do a better job with name suffixes in exports.
* Make use of new “unmarried” option in some reports where it was not used.

Meander 0.5

It’s almost hard to categorize this free Mac OS X utility, but here goes: Meander is a way to measure things on your screen, using a piece of digital string. Shiela Dixon’s (the developer) description: How long is a piece of string? As long as you can see it on your screen, you can now find out! Meander is a little application which can measure routes, or shapes, or anything which you can see on your screen.

The major change in version 0.5: Scale can now be measured at any angle, so calibration can be made from a vertical scale, or any known distance between two points.

It’s a neat little application if you have messed around with trying to gauge distance on your display.

ohmiGene 0.92

ohmiGene 0.92 has just been released. ohmiGene is a genealogy application for Mac OS X. ohmiGene is geared towards working with importing and exporting standard GEDCOM files. It can be downloaded here. This release adds the printing of individual cards, and expands on the new 7-Generation tree introduced earlier this week, in regards to navigating up or down the tree, with the display of children or grandchildren of an individual.

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