ohmiGene 0.91.9

ohmiGene 0.91.9 is now available. ohmiGene is a genealogy application for Mac OS X. ohmiGene is geared towards working with importing and exporting standard GEDCOM files. The latest update can be downloaded here. This release adds two new features and improves the display of “enormous” genealogy files.
ohmiGene 0.90

* Addition of a new website template (simplified)
* Optimization of the display for ‘enormous’ genealogies.
* New tree 7G +
* Note: There is no update for the help file.

Genealogy Pro 2.0.3 and 2.0.4

Version 2.0.3 and 2.0.4 of Genealogy Pro for Mac OS X has been released. It’s a commercial genealogy application (a free demo is available), and requires Mac OS X 10.2.8. These are basically maintenance releases (2.0.2 was released as well recently) and are recommended for all users.

Version 2.0.4 Changes Since 2.0.3
* Fixes a problem where the first middle name may not be saved when editing a persons name.
* Ensures that new files have the proper extension when created

Version 2.0.3 Changes Since 2.0.2
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Metes and Bounds 1.4.1

Sandy Knoll Software’s Metes and Bounds 1.4.1 is now available. Metes and Bounds is a Mac OS X land mapping or plotting applications that turns metes and bounds data into a plot map. Genealogists might be able to us it for plotting cemeteries, homesteads, other locations or items of geographical interest, etc. Version 1.4.0 was released in January and for some reason we missed it.

Changes in 1.4.1:
* Added the decimal angle to degree converter.
* Improved manual data entry.
* New help system.

Changes in 1.4.0:
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Mellel Word Processor – Universal Binary

The developers at RedleX have sent out word that Mellel word processor will soon be a Universal Binary.

As always you can check the list at guide.apple.com/universal for a full listing of Universal Binaries – as of today, the list is over 1100 applications. Of course iWork ’06 from Apple is already a Universal Binary, and Nisus Writer Express is as well.

Rumors are (and they are probably fairly accurate) that Apple will have Intel machines across their full desktop and notebook lineup by August of 2006.

Genealogy Pro 2.0.1

Genealogy Pro 2.0.1 was released yesterday. It’s a new Mac OS X genealogy application (a major update to an older, MacOS/Classic genealogy application), and it requires Mac OS X 10.2.8, and retails for $20 (with a 30-day free demo). This is considered a maintenance release.

Changes Since 2.0
* Fies problem upgrading from Genealogy Pro 1.0 format. This problem occurred where the original 1.0 file was create from a GEDCOM document. The individuals and families were not imported into the version 2.0 file.
* Fixed an error where the web home page style sheet was not created.

MemoryMiner 1.04

MemoryMiner 1.04 is out, and it’s a very interesting piece of software. The developer’s do a much better job of describing it than I could: At its core, are a simple set of tools for treating photos (particularly rare, “pre-digital” photos) as individual frames in a type of endless story board. The story elements are linked to each other by way of annotation layers identifying the people, places, dates and events captured in each frame. As links are made, it becomes easy and tremendously interesting to explore the threads which link people’s lives across time, place and shared experience.
Image MemoryMinder

Definitely a piece of Mac OS X software that may interest some genealogists.

Requires: Mac OS X 10.4.3+ and it is a Universal Binary

* New Flash player that can be used to present media exported from MemoryMiner on the web
* Localization in French, German, Italian, Danish, Japanese and Traditional Chinese
* Numerous usability enhancements and bug fixes