Mac Genealogy Software – Unicode, UTF-8, and GEDCOMs

[wpfmb type=’warning’ theme=2]Several of the genealogy applications listed below have been updated or have major/new releases available, and this information will be updated (Feb 2015), however if an application is listed as supporting Unicode, etc., newer versions should continue supporting … Continue reading

Mac Genealogy Software Recommendations

[wpfmb type=’warning’ theme=2]The information below is nearly three years out of date (as of February 2015), and a new article/guide will be posted shortly.[/wpfmb] There is an article over at Genealogy Tools, What Genealogy Software Do We Recommend? that you … Continue reading

Mac Genealogy & Family Tree Software

This software list is out of date. This page contains information about actively developed Mac OS X genealogy software (apps, applications) for Apple’s Macintosh Computers – iMac, MacBooks, MacBook Airs, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro. There is additional information at the … Continue reading

Mac Genealogy Software that Supports LDS Ordinances

[wpfmb theme=2] maintains a listing of Mac genealogy applications and utilities that support downloading and uploading directly to Apps listed on this page may only support the ordinance fields in a GEDCOM file, but may not actually interact with … Continue reading


Windows Internet Explorer-only Genealogy Sites: Find yourself at a genealogy website that only accepts Windows “Internet Explorer? has a simple trick to enable the “debug” menu in Safari, which lets you select the user agent – i.e., you can … Continue reading