MapMemo 2.5

Mapmemo 2.5 is available. Mapmemo is an application that allows you to drag a file or folder onto maps, charts, photos – basically graphic/image files, and then associates that file/folder with that place/location on the graphic file by creating an alias. That alias will launch the proper application associated with that file.
Image Map Memo

For a genealogist, it could be very useful if you wanted to look at migrations or locations, and wanted to associate files with a certain geographic location. As far as maps, you can use your own, maps off the internet, an exported map (such as Route 66), historical maps, etc.

Requires: Mac OS X 10.3+

* Universal Application and also runs on Intel-Macs in native mode.
* MapMemo files can now be browsed by Apple’s Spotlight search.
* There are new layer-functionalities and also some bug-fixes.

Genealogy Pro 2.0 Final/Production

Genealogy Pro 2.0 has reached a production release and is now available to the general public. It’s a new Mac OS X genealogy application (a major update to an older, MacOS/Classic genealogy application). It requires Mac OS X 10.2.8, and sells for $20 (with a 30-day free trial).

Changes Since Pre-Release 6
* Fixed erratic behaviour where there is only one parent in the family. This included a problem where the Family Browser may crash the program, and default behaviour to fill the family with a spouse when the ‘New Parents’ item is selected (if the family is the parent family for a person) ro the ‘New Spouse’ menu is selected (if the family is a spouse family).
* Setting/unsetting descendants as private now works as it should
* General performance improvements (Family Browser, deletion performance)
* Improved error handling
* Optional autochecking for web updates
* Preference for the ‘Starting Points’ window implemented

A trial version can be downloaded here.

ohmiGene 0.91.7

ohmiGene 0.91.7 has been made available. ohmiGene is “software for the creation and the management of genealogical data … which works on MacOS X and Windows, even Linux. A database created on Mac works on PC (Windows or Linux), and vice versa. The structure of the database was defined to be in maximal agreement with the GEDCOM format: if any context concerning the submission of a file to the church LDS is absent, almost totality of the other contexts are correctly handled (import, manipulation and export…) : OhmiGene is a software which respects a GEDCOM file at import (and export).” It can be downloaded here.
ohmiGene 0.90

Note: The 0.9x.x series of ohmiGene is a complete rewrite from last year’s ohmiGene 0.7x.x

* Added: New three4G (improved)
* Added: Writing of surnames : MARTIN, Martin
* Added : a diary-address book
* Added: A new website (simplified).
* Changed: Display of loaded images (original).
* Fixed: Corrections of minor bugs

Genealogy Pro 2.0 Pre-Release 6 and 6b

Genealogy Pro 2.0 Pre-Release 6 and 6b have been released. It’s a new Mac OS X genealogy application (a major update to an older, MacOS/Classic genealogy application). It requires Mac OS X 10.2.8, and sells for $20 (with a 30-day free trial).

Among the updates: ‘Starting Point’ window added, interface updates, and a ‘check for updates’ function.

Developer’s Note:

Although release 5 was originally intended to be the final beta release, feedback from users has resulted in more changes than anticipated so a further release 6 is provided.

Changes: Pre-Release/Update 6b
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New Intel-based Mac mini’s Are Available.

As you have probably heard by now, Apple has released Intel Core Solo and Core Duo-based Mac minis, now making half of their product line Intel-based. Specifications:
* Includes Apple Remote and Front Row
* Reported to be 2.5 – 5.5 times faster than previous Mac minis
* 1.5GHz Core Solo or 1.66GHz Core Duo CPUs
* 667MHz Front Side Bus
* 512MB (Upgradeable to 2GB)
* Same form factor as previous Mac mini
* One FireWire 400, Four USB 2.0 ports
* Gigabit Ethernet, Built-in Airport Extreme wireless, Bluetooth 2.0
* 60GB or 80GB Serial ATA harddrive
* CDRW/DVD or DVD Writer
* iLife ’06

It starts at $100 more than the PowerPC G4 based Mac mini (it now starts at $599), but if you’ve been holding off for this, it’s here. By all accounts, most current Mac genealogy software runs just fine under Core Duo iMacs and MacBook Pros – I’m unsure how well a Core Solo CPU would handle Rosetta.

If you don’t want to make the transition to Intel just yet, I’m sure that some PowerPC G4 Mac minis will be available through the Apple Store (As an example, they have 12-inch PowerPC G4 iBooks for $699).

The big event will be April 1st – Apple’s 30th Birthday.