GenealogyJ or GenJ v2.4

After more than a year, GenealogyJ (GenJ) has been updated to version 2.4. GenealogyJ is a cross-platform genealogy application written in Java.

Official Description:

GenealogyJ is a viewer and editor for genealogic data, suitable for hobbyist, family historian and genealogy researcher. GenJ supports the Gedcom standard, is written in Java and offers many views like family tree, table, timeline, geography and more.

Download it from here (SourceForge) if you are curious.
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Personal Ancestry Writer II v49 (25 Feb 2006)

Personal Ancestry Writer II (PAWriter II) version 49 was updated to 25 Feb 2006. It’s a MacOS/Mac OS X Genealogy Application designed to have features similar to the original Personal Ancestral File (PAF) for MacOS/Classic. The 25 Feb 2006 release is mainly oriented towards improvements in navigation.
Personal Ancestry Writer II

* Added typing [ and ] for first and last person.
* Added typing < (or comma) and > (or period) for previous and next person.
* Note: Command-arrows are still available but the new alternatives seem simpler to type.
* Corrected rollover help.
* Added a descent window to complement the pedigree window. This simply allows navigating descendants without changing the current person.
* The reference guide was updated to reflect these changes.

Reunion Planner X 6.4

Reunion Planner X 6.4 is available. It’s exactly what it sounds like – a reunion planning application. It runs on either MacOS or Mac OS X (there is a Windows version available). It’s $59.95 with a demo available for download. They also have a service to translate reunion information from a spreadsheet.

* Added a new Comments label for printed Memory Books
* Added MapQuest address search for the Directory

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Genealogy Pro 2.0 Pre-Release 5

Genealogy Pro 2.0 Pre-Release 5. That’s right, a 10th Mac genealogy application that is being actively developed (and since the Intel transition was first announced, I believe all 10 have seen or will shortly see new releases, and while they may not be Universal Binaries, they still should run just fine under Rosetta).

This pre-release should be the final pre-release version. It requires Mac OS X 10.2.8, and sells for $20 (with a 30-day free trial).

Quick screenshot gallery:

A bit of history, from the developer’s website:
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Personal Ancestry Writer II v49 (23 Feb 2006)

Personal Ancestry Writer II (PAWriter II) version 49 was released today. Personal Ancestry Writer II is a MacOS/Mac OS X Genealogy Application designed to have many of the same features found in the original Personal Ancestral File (PAF) for Mac. This version adds navigation using the arrow keys in both the navigation and pedigree windows.
Personal Ancestry Writer II

* Added larger typeface for zoomed notes as a preference.
* In both the navigation window and the pedigree window (in addition to typing F, M, P and B), added up-arrow for father, down-arrow for mother, right-arrow for partner and left-arrow for back.
* Corrected the generation number in the pedigree window when using these keyboard actions. As a result, it was necessary to change next/previous/first/last person in the navigation window to use command-right/left/up/down arrow.
* Updated Reference Guide to reflect above changes.

Macworld looks at MacBook Pro, Migration Strategies

Macworld has a “First Look” at the new MacBook Pros, that some maybe interested in looking, if you are interested in the first of Apple’s Intel-based notebook offerings.

They have some good benchmarks in relation to apps on PowerPC vs Intel, including Photoshop. Considering that a lot of non-multimedia software that genealogists use don’t necessarily rely on a speedy processor, they had good news as well, to quote Jason Snell from the article, Several of my bread-and-butter applications, most notably Eudora and Microsoft Office, aren’t currently available in versions that run natively on Intel processors. But I honestly haven’t perceived any slowness in those applications.

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