Heredis Mac X.2 – Released

Heredis Mac X.2 has officially been released. This is a major overhaul of Heredis, and includes many features built into Mac OS X, including integration with the various iApps (iPhoto, iCal, Address Book, etc.). This release is now a Mac OS X-only application.

A major part of the upgrade concerns the handling/viewing/editing of individual data.

Highlights of the Changes:
* Address Book – Palm Pilot: You can export your list of individuals to your Address Book and then sync them with your Palm Pilot.

* iCal: You can export events directly to iCal, letting you see at a glance what happened to your ancestors on any given day.

* iPhoto Integration (including media tabs for most major events – simple drag and drop integration).

* Duplicates: HEREDIS Mac X.2 offers a function which will allow you to display either two potential duplicates, or to search for all potential duplicates according to the criteria which you will have defined. Once you have checked them out, you may then decide to merge the two proven duplicates.

* Navigation Record: With the Navigation Record function, you can move at high speed through the individuals you have been working with during the current sessions. Improvements have also been made to the navigation trees as well as the 3D Family Tree.

* New Family Tree designs/layouts to print out or view onscreen, including portraits.

* New export functions allowing you to manipulate your data and lists in Excel in various manners.

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GedWise 6.3.2 (for Mac OS X)

From Battery Park Software has updated their Mac OS X installer for GedWise, their PalmOS-based genealogy application. This brings GedWise for Mac OS X up to version 6.3.2. This update “added compatibility for GEDCOM’s created on different computer system that use various end-of-line terminators.”

Personal Ancestry Writer II (PAWriter II) version 48

Howard Metcalfe has released Personal Ancestry Writer II (PAWriter II) version 48 (4 Dec 2005). PAWriter II is a Mac (MacOS 8.6/9 or Mac OS X ) genealogy application that has most of the features found in the original Personal Ancestry File (PAF) for Mac, as well as additional publishing features (HTML/Web, word processing, desktop publishing (DTP)).

* New menu item, File > Write HTML > Pedigree of This Person. It produces an HTML file containing a pedigree of the current person and all of his/her ancestors that are on file. The pedigree is formatted in the same text-oriented way as is a web site pedigree. For very extensive pedigrees, PAWriter might take a while to produce the file. This menu item is disabled if the current person has no ancestors.
Note: When printing the pedigree from your browser, select any option to “shrink pages to fit.” In Internet Explorer or Netscape, this option is available from the File > Print Preview menu item. This option ensures that the pedigree will fit on one page across, with one or more pages down.

*Preference for breaking long GEDCOM notes between non-space characters (GEDCOM 5.5 standard for CONC lines). Previous versions of PAWriter broke those lines on a space character (non-standard but frequently used). Be sure to use the same method both when you export a GEDCOM file and then import that file. If you don’t, extra spaces will appear or valid spaces will disappear in the notes.

Other Changes:

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