Pedigree-Draw 6.0

Pedigree-Draw 6.0 has been released.

Pedigree-Draw is a Macintosh OS X application that provides for creation, editing and drawing of pedigrees (also called family trees, or genograms) of human or non-human extended family lineages. It was developed originally for use in analyzing population data gathered for biomedical and genetic research projects, and to aid the management of captive animal colonies. It’s been applied to other fields as well, including genetic counseling and life science education. Although not designed as a genealogical database per se, the program can be used to collect and edit biographical data found in the course of family history research, including pictures of family members, and display or print those data in standard hierarchical diagrams suitable for publication. Output may also be saved in Portable Document Format (PDF) for electronic distribution, or posting on websites.

A screenshot can be viewed here, and a 15-day trial version can be obtained here.

Requires: PowerPC G3+ Macintosh, running OS X 10.3+. Cost: $85

Pedigree/Draw 5.1, a MacOS 9 Application, is still free-of-charge here

Genealogy Printing Service (OnePage Genealogy)

OnePage Genealogy – A genealogy printing service that supports Mac OS X. It is a one-page pedigree chart that is huge – as large as 3½ by 6 feet. Visit the link above, and look at the example, or just look at the photo, and you’ll see how big that is.

I mentioned OS X support, and they have it (not sure what is the minimum version of OS X that can be used). The charts cost $19.95, and it’s a three step process:

    * Create your GEDCOM file (export from your genealogy application)
    * Download the software to create your chart (picking the options listed below)
    * Order your chart online (.PDFs generated by the software are encrypted and password-protected).

Options to customize:

    * Page size (up to 3½ by 6 feet!)
    * Font type and size
    * Number of generations
    * Whether to include your spouse and their pedigree
    * Whether to include your descendants

You can also combine it with a timeline, that displays the following on the chart:

    * Birth dates
    * Marriage dates
    * Death dates

Press Release for FTM II for Mac

Another genealogist just emailed me the following press release from 1997, and I thought I’d post it since it’s kind of interesting for its historical value (and people may still be using FTM for Macintosh).

Family Tree Maker Deluxe Edition II for Macintosh

Less than 10 years ago, but seems like it’s been longer. It’s hard to imagine, but several of the mainstream genealogy software companies used to port their applications to Macs.

Macs have been gaining steadily on PCs over the past few years, and Mac genealogy software shows it, even if we don’t have the main genealogy software companies porting to Mac (I’m not sure whether that would be a good thing or not, for those Mac genealogy developers).

We have several actively developed commercial applications – MacFamilyTree, Reunion, GEDitCOM, with another one being developed, ohmiGene (I believe it will become a commercial application once it hits 1.0), as well as SeeGEDCOMX (shareware). Heredis is in there as well (although I’m still not sure if it’s being actively developed, I’ve emailed them a few times and have gotten no response).

We also have a free application that is actively being developed, that is flying under the radar, and will probably surprise more than a few Mac genealogists. I’m hoping to have more information from the developer(s) (and be able to release some screenshots as well) in the next week or so.

Nisus Writer Express 2.5

Nisus Writer Express 2.5 has been released to the world (although preview/Release Candidates with most of the new features have been available for several weeks, for those wanting a sneak peek). This is a free upgrade for previous users of Nisus Writer Express from 1.0 on up. Nisus Software refers to Nisus Writer Express as the “writers word processor”. Next to Mellel, this is one of the most popular non-Microsoft commercial word processors (the jury is still out on Apple’s Pages).

Supported formats: RTF, MS Word PC 97-2003, MS Word Mac 1998-2004, Nisus Writer Classic (read only), Plain Text and Unicode, Word Perfect 6-11 PC, AbiWord, RTFD, PDF.

Among the new features in version 2.5:

    * Right to Left Text Input
    * Bullets and Numbering
    * LinkBack Support
    * Improved Style Sheet Navigator
    * Faster File Opening
    * Insert Hyperlink
    * Built-in Tables
    * User-defined styles
    * Footnotes
    * Document endnotes
    * Section endnotes
    * Smart Quotes
    * Highlighter
    * Save as PDF
    * Improved support for reading and writing RTF
    * Improved support for Reading and Writing Word documents

Requires: Mac OS X 10.3. $69.

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BibDesk 1.1.6

BibDesk 1.1.6 is ready for download.

BibDesk is a graphical BibTeX-bibliography manager for Mac OS X. BibDesk is designed to help organize and use bibliographic databases in BibTeX .bib format. In addition to manual typing, BibDesk lets you drag & drop or cut & paste .bib files into the bibliographic database and automatically opens files downloaded from PubMed. BibDesk also keeps track of electronic copies of literature on your computer and allows for searching your database through several keys.

BibDesk integrates well with TeX for creating citations and bibliographies. This integration includes a Citation search completion service, and drag & drop (cut & paste) support for adding citations to TeX files.

Version 1.1.6 offers a large number of bug fixes as well as new features over 1.1.5 (calling it version 1.2.0 might have been more appropriate). Among the new features – copying the entire PDF from TeX preview and editor drawer, interface improvements including a progress indicator added to the TeX preview window, a Find and Replace feature has been added in certain areas (only if you are running Mac OS X 10.3+), and improved URL/webloc handling features.

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