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Heartland Family Graphics – Wall Charts

Timothy Lundin at Heartland Family Graphics provided the following information/quotes for Mac users about using their services to print wall charts:

* While the emphasis is on Reunion, their services are by no means limited to Reunion users.
* “With OS X’s ability to print to PDF, that would be the route we would recommend at first… send us a PDF file of the chart created in a different application”. (For information about printing to a PDF file, please read this guide.
* “We can also generate a basic Reunion chart from a gedcom file, but that would probably be of less interest to most customers”.
* “Some folks have preferred submitting charts finalized in Illustrator,
and that works too”.
* Other format – “We recommend PDF. We can accept most standard graphics formats such as TIFF or JPEG, but recommend against it because of the detrimental effect on text quality. PICT will preserve text and other vector information, but that doesn’t seem to be the format of choice for most folks who contact us about such things. PS is also ok, but PDF is far
better for us”.
* “If there was interest, we could arrange to print natively from other Mac genealogy applications” (Mac genealogy developers out there should probably contact them – this is a very interesting feature).
* Finally – “We put a lot of emphasis on customer support, particularly for those genealogists that may not be computer experts. If someone has any question about printing a chart, we’ll take the time to provide
whatever information is needed. “

If you have any other questions, submit them to Heartland Family Graphics
OnePage Genealogy – A genealogy printing service that supports Mac OS X. It is a one-page pedigree chart that is huge – as large as 3½ by 6 feet. Visit the link above, and look at the example, or just look at the photo, and you’ll see how big that is.

I mentioned OS X support, and they have it (not sure what is the minimum version of OS X that can be used). The charts cost $19.95, and it’s a three step process:

    * Create your GEDCOM file (export from your genealogy application)
    * Download the software to create your chart (picking the options listed below)
    * Order your chart online (.PDFs generated by the software are encrypted and password-protected).

Options to customize:

    * Page size (up to 3½ by 6 feet!)
    * Font type and size
    * Number of generations
    * Whether to include your spouse and their pedigree
    * Whether to include your descendants

You can also combine it with a timeline, that displays the following on the chart:

    * Birth dates
    * Marriage dates
    * Death dates

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