SeeGEDCOMX Product Page
Publisher: Keith Clarke
Type: Genealogy Application
License: No charge while in beta
Last Updated: Dec 2005 (version 0.8b4)
GEDCOM Support: Yes
Languages: English only, at this time

Hardware Requirements:
MacOS Requirements: MacOS 8.6 with CarbonLib and Mac OS X 10.1.5

Publisher’s site
(Including older verisons)

Official Description:

SeeGEDCOMX is a minimalist genealogy program for the Macintosh, started before MacOS X made minimalism fashionable. Originally a browser application for GEDCOM files, it has become a much more general application. You can now use it to create a family history from scratch, to maintain an existing family history stored as a GEDCOM document, or simply to browse your GEDCOM documents and downloads.

Official Notes:
I believe it’s the only genealogy application with AppleScript support.
Feature Listing at Publisher’s site.

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Other Products/Older Versions by Keith Clarke:
Older Versions of SeeGEDCOMX at Keith’s website, including versions for MacOS 7.1 -> 9.x

Third party utilities/add-ons:
Information (at publisher’s page) about Apple’s free FileMerge program that can be used for before-and-after comparisons of a GEDCOM file.

Version History:
For a listing of all changes/history, please see this page (Publisher’s website)
Version 0.8b4 – December 2005
* fixed problem where } and { characters in notes etc led to corrupt RTF files on export (e.g. dragging Preview/Word icon to the desktop).
* fixed bug in export-to-gedcom: incorrect links between people were being created in some circumstances when merging two or more documents which use the same GEDCOM xref values for different people
* printing enabled for Help window
* Copy and Select All commands are now available for the Help window without your having to click in it first
* Group By Census Place now shows one entry per census for each person
* added Group By Change Date so you can quickly find people you’ve been working on recently, or who you worked on last Christmas, etc
* better behaviour when closing a biog window with an open edit box
* better behavour when selecting another window or application when there’s a biog window with an open edit box
* tree window vertical scrollbar now works correctly when root of the tree is a person with multiple marriages
* the To Do list now shows only people in the current group (those who have _TODO lines)
* the To Do list now shows CONC as well as CONT lines associated with each _TODO line
* improved performance when working with large selections (thousands of people) in group windows
* fixed bug which prevented the correct saving of documents following use of the Print command
* fixed bug which disabled checks for valid entry in GEDCOM fields following use of the Print command
* fixed a possible crash when using the limited-number-of-generations feature of tree windows
* fixed a possible crash when deleting a person from the document (“Clear” command)
* fixed a possible crash when after clicking the “Save” button on the dialog presented when closing a document with unsaved changes
* fixed crash on System 9.x when attempting to open non-text documents that have a “.ged” extension
* fixed crash when attempting to view a family tree in which one of the people is recorded as their own ancester in the GEDCOM
* expiry date now 30th June 2006

Version 0.8b3- March 2005

    * fixed a minor applescript problem.
    * fixed a crash when closing multiple new documents.
    * fixed a crash when a new document is created after an attempt is made to quit the application, followed by SeeGEDCOMX showing a Review Changes dialog, followed by the user creating a new document during the review.
    * expiry date is now end of December, 2005.

Version 0.8b2 – 22 Sep 2004

    * faster execution of various AppleScript commands
    * new sample AppleScripts: view unrelated groups, export GEDCOM for MyRoots, and others
    * new options for the ‘export’ AppleScript command to omit sensitive information
    * much faster Add Ancestors To Group and similar commands
    * reduced memory requirements on OS 9 when viewing many biographies with footnotes
    * fixed various bugs with generated web pages
    * generated biography web pages are HTML 4.01 transitional compliant
    * generated surname web pages are HTML 4.01 t. compliant
    * expiry date now 31 Mar 2005 (was 30 Sept 2004)
    * new AppleScript class ‘source’ for SOUR records
    * new properties for ‘person’ class (INDI records)
    * fixed odd “bold” drawing of footnotes on X
    * command-clicking URLs now always opens the URL
    * command-‘ now opens selected URLs (previously it opened all URLs)

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