Applications/Information for using Mac OS X 10.4’s Spotlight functions.

Apple’s Official Spotlight Page and Spotlight Tips

Note: GEDCOM files (with .GED extension) appear to be indexing by default, with Spotlight, as long as they are in a directory that can be scanned (i.e. not a System directory or one that has had the privacy feature turned on).

Applications with Spotlight Functionality
TAO Outliner
Mellel Word Processor
Circus Ponies Notebook
BibDesk – Bibliography Manager
Nisus Writer Express

Spotlight for WordPerfect Files
BrandingIronAssociate arbitrary keywords to your files.
HighlightHighlight let you import items to the Spotlight index via Drag & Drop which are not indexed by default

Useful Links clearinghouse for links to Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger Spotlight info
Simon Willison’s take on making books searchable

Misc. Information
Thread at dicussing using Automator to add Spotlight comments.

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