Video – Content Aware features of Photoshop CS6

Photoshop has been releasing videos on YouTube of “sneak peeks” concerning Adobe PhotoShop CS6, Adobe’s upcoming Photoshop release. While it’s interesting that they all seem to be using Photoshop CS6 running on Mac OS X, this video in particular is of interesting to me and other genealogists who use software … Read more

Evernote 3.0.6 Released

Evernote is a note-taking/journaling/research software/scrapbooking application, actually there are lot more ways to describe it, but those are the main ones. It’s available on several desktop platforms – Macs, PCs/Windows, and Linux, not to mention a variety of mobile platforms – iPhone, Android, etc. Even though Evernote 3.0.6 may not … Read more

iPhoto 9.2 Released

Just received this notification through Software Update – iPhoto 9.2 (626) has been released. There are several issues addressed and features updated for iPhoto ’11, but for those using iCloud and iOS 5 it is highly recommended. iPhoto 9.2 supports iCloud and iOS 5. Updates/Changes in iPhoto 9.2 (626) * … Read more

PAW2U 100 (PAWriter 100)

PAW2U aka PAWriter II, a Mac OS X genealogy application, has received several updates. Version 100 has been tested by the author under Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. Changes/updates: * The appearance of the PAWriter application icon was improved. * The FrameMaker MML report features have been deleted. The Write … Read more

Reunite 3.0 Reunion Software Released

Reunite 3.0 has been released, and with it comes improvements to take advantage of Mac OS X Lion 10.7. Reunite is software for planning reunions – family, school, etc. Updates in 3.0 * Support for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion * Excel Open Office (.xlsx) Import/Export * New parchment background … Read more