Unsupported Applications

Historically Interesting:
Family Tree Maker Deluxe II for Macintosh Press Release

Note: Sep 10th, 2005 – some of the links below maybe broken – we are going through and updating the information as well.
Applications that appear to be unsupported/no longer in production. That does not mean they are not useful – many are still very useful and handy to have around.

If any of these applications are actually supported/still active, or the authors/publishers want the links removed, contact us and let us know.

Classic Applications (OS 9 and below)
Gene (Official Site) – Requires Mac Mac OS 8.1+ (There is an older 68k-based version there as well)

Personal Ancestral File from FamilySearch.org (LDS)
Requires Mac OS 6.05, sells for $6.00

MacPAF Report Utility (Nexial Systems)
Type: Report utility for the MacPAF program, sold by the LDS Church.
Note: This is not a standalone program and the software it depends upon may
or may not still be available. Information provided here for historical purposes.
Note: The author states it has been discontinued
Requirements: Mac 128, 512k, Plus, SE, Classic..

Online Tools
Genie (Official Site), an
“open source, web based application to maintain genealogy databases.”
Freshmeat.net project page

Name: Sparrowhawk from Bradley D. Mohr
Type: Online Publishing Utility
Official Description: Sparrowhawk is a GEDCOM-to-HTML conversion program for the Macintosh. It is based on version 2.5a of Gene Stark’s GED2HTML program for Windows and UN*X. Given a file in GEDCOM format, Sparrowhawk will create a set of linked HTML documents containing the genealogical information contained in the file. Within the constraints mentioned in the Known problems and limitations section, the output from Sparrowhawk is essentially identical to the output of GED2HTML 2.5.
Requirements: System 7+ Gedcom Compatible: Yes
Version: 1.0d4 Released: circa 1996
Cost: Free
Download: Official Site

GenKey, (Official Site) a Java-based utility that creates online family trees.

Name/Link: GedPage
Type: Online Publishing Utility
Official Description: “gedcom to html webpage builder. The output is formatted as Family Group Sheets which are very easy to read, and familiar to genealogists. Gedpage has many options to give your pages a custom look”.
Official Notes: Uses Family Group Sheet format (familiar and easy to read). Optional Pedigree Charts, for selected individuals, or for everyone, fully linked into Family Group Sheet pages! Optionally includes photos if they are supported in your gedcom file. Uses less of your limited internet account disk space than most other converters. Fully linked, easy to traverse tree. User definable colors, and background. Allows link to your homepage. Optional notes, sources, and soundex codes. Allows you to modify text, even to another language. Automatically attach headers and footers.
Note: Unsupported
Version: 2.20 Updated: Not sure
Requirements: Mac OS ? (Probably 8x) GEDCOM Support?: Yes
Languages: English
Cost/License: $10
Demo: Official Site: Pedigree Chart and Family Group Sheet
Download: Official Site (Direct Download)

Name/Link: GED2WWW
Type: Online Publishing Utility
Official Description:
Version: 0.30 Updated: 27 Sep 1999 GED2WWW is a free GEDCOM to HTML converter; it takes a genealogy database stored in GEDCOM format and produces a bunch of web pages from it.
Requirements: Mac OS Classic (PPC/68k) GEDCOM Support? Yes
Languages: English
Cost/License: Free
Screenshots/Demo: Author’s example at Official Site .
Download: At Official Site

Java/Ported Application
Name/Link: Taurus Family Tree
Type: Genealogy Application (Java Based)
Official Description: A java application for storing, browsing and plotting genealogical information. Reads FTML, Gedcom and CSV file formats. Plots both trees and timelines.
Version: 1.1.2 Updated: 23 Sep 2002
Requirements: Java/Swing GEDCOM Support? Yes
Cost/License: Free/GPL
Screenshots/Demo: Official Site Tutorial with screenshots
Download: Download at Official Site

FTP Archives
Penn State hosts the Genealogy Anonymous FTP Site,
however it looks like the “newest” software there dates from 2000, and most of it
dates from 1994-1998. It does contain 68k versions of genealogy software.

RootsWeb.com’s FTP Archive appears to contain newer software.