Heredis 2017 for Mac – $25 for 3 Days

Heredis World 2017 for Mac, a cross-platform genealogy application is 50% off for three days (believe it ends Sunday, Nov. 26, 2017). Normally it’s $49.99, but right now it’s $24.99 on the Mac App Store.

Note: This discount applies to the macOS version, the Windows version, the Windows upgrade, and the Mac and Windows Bundles. The non-App Store versions and the Windows and bundle pricing are available at

If you want to try it out before buying it, you can download a free demo from

The iOS and Android versions are free.

Available through these links:
Heredis 2017 World – BSD Concept – Apple Mac App Store

GedGap 2.0 Released (Update: GedGap 2.1)

GedGap 2.0 has been released by Seven Cookies. GedGap 2.0 is a major upgrade.

GedGap is a macOS program (requires OS X 10.10 or later) that is a genealogy research utility – it’s not a full-fledged genealogy application like Heredis, MacFamilyTree, Reunion, etc. Instead, it analyzes a GEDCOM file, and provides information on things such as sources and quality/confidence of sources (or lack thereof), problems with entries (births/deaths), as well as pointing you towards areas that need more research.

It’s available at the Mac App Store for $0.99 (USD):
GedGap – Seven Cookies

Full list of changes below:
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Heredis 2017 for Mac – $11 through Sunday, October 8, 2017

Heredis World 2017 for Mac, a cross-platform genealogy application is 78% off through tomorrow, Sunday, October 8, 2017. Normally it’s $49.99, but right now it’s $10.99 – a great bargain.

This is only for the Mac version – the Windows version is still at it’s regular price.

You can download a free demo from

Available through the Mac App Store: Heredis 2017 World – BSD Concept

Family Tree Maker 2017 – Video Tutorials

For those of you who are using Family Tree Maker 2017, “Cousin Russ”, a genealogist on YouTube, has been releasing a lot of video tutorials.

While he is using the Windows version of FTM 2017, the information he presents is relevant for Mac users.

Some of the more interesting videos:
FTM2017 – What is a Workspace
FTM2016 – Workspaces – an Overview
FTM2017 – Media Workspace
FTM2017 – People Workspace

If you have upgraded or purchased FTM 2017, it’s a good series of videos to get familiar with it.

For all of his FTM videos, see his YouTube channel.

Reunion 11.0.12 Released

Reunion 11 Reunion 11.0.12 has been released. It’s a macOS/OS X native genealogy application (requiring OS X 10.6 or later), and 11.0.12 includes mainly bug fixes, including one pertaining to those genealogists using macOS High Sierra.

There is a new feature – you can drag URLs from either Firefox or Chrome to create a new source record.

If you would like to try Reunion for free (demo mode), or just download Reunion 11.0.12, please visit Leister Productions, Inc.

Changes in Reunion 11.0.12
– High Sierra – fixed a problem where the names of children wouldn’t appear when the family view was showing children in a list
– Book – marriage places will be properly included in the Place Index
– Multimedia – fixed a problem that could sometimes cause a crash when modifying the Memo field
– URLs can now be dragged from Firefox or Chrome to create a new source record
– Fixed a minor problem when syncing the marriage memo field to ReunionTouch
– Fixed a rare problem where citations occasionally couldn’t be deleted
– Fixed some cosmetic issues with reporting

Gramps 4.2.6 for Mac Released

Gramps 4.2.6 for Mac has been released, and it’s a very hefty update. Gramps is a free and community-driven project, normally available for Linux and other Unix-like systems, but there is a port for macOS/OS X that is eventually released (4.2.6 was released for other OSes a month or two ago).

GRAMPS stands for Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System, and it’s a very mature (and popular) genealogy program.

To download Gramps, visit:
Gramps Project – Download

For a full list of changes, see below:
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