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MacGenealogy.Org’s goal: – to keep Mac users informed of the latest news and information concerning using the Apple Macintosh platform – anything running Mac OS X, whether it be MacBook, iMac, or Mac Pro. We hope to increase awareness of genealogy software for the Macintosh platform, as well as assist Mac users with their genealogy questions. We also hope to encourage development of current and additional genealogy-related software that runs on the Macintosh platform.

About Me (Chad)
I’ve been using Macs as my primary home computer for around 13 years, but have used them professionally and academically before that. I have been using Macs for genealogy research for over 12 years as well. I do have a solid knowledge of Windows and Windows-based genealogy software, and can help with any questions you may have about migrating to Macs.

About MacGenealogy.org
MacGenealogy.org went online with its present domain back in 2004. Before that, for around two years, it was hosted on a few other websites under different titles. At times, other people have been the primary writers (Dave and Dan) for a few years. It started out as hand-coded HTML files, moved to Geeklog around 2004, and since 2007 has been hosted on WordPress.

MacGenealogy.org’s Forums
Provide for the discussion of Macs and genealogy, including tutorials, help, advice, and general education, as well as two-way discussions between end-users and developers. It is not our intention to replace any specific product discussion forum or website hosted by authors/publishers, but rather to act as a supplemental information resource.

Occasionally, we will provide in-depth looks at various software packages, including working with packages written for multiple platforms (Java, PHP, etc.) and will provide examples/demonstrations. We welcome any user contributions in this area.

We encourage software authors/companies to contact us, submit information/articles, or engage in discussion, to help keep Mac users informed of the latest happenings. Whether it is about an upcoming update, a tutorial, information, or where you think genealogy on the Mac is going (or should be going), comments are welcome.

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Any commercial relationship to any author/company of any specific product listed on this site will be disclosed in any story about that product and on this page. The potential for any poster in the MacGenealogy.org Forums or in story or article comments, to be commercially involved with one or more genealogy-related products or sites, while not disclosing that relationship, exists. Whether they disclose their involvement is up to them, and is not under our control.

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