Privacy Policy –

Information We Collect & Third Parties
First, we do not sell or disseminate any of your information to third parties. We collect some data (IP, email) of those who spam the comments/forums in order to block them from spamming in the future. There is also some data collected as far as statistics (number of visitors, countries we are viewed in, etc.), but it is anonymous and is not tied to any personally identifying information.

Registration, Contacting Us, Mailing Lists
There is a registration feature on this site, for commenting, forums, and other interactive features. You are not bound to use any personally identifying information during the course of registration, and in fact do not need to register to leave comments – we can accept anonymous comments. Minimal information is required should you contact us, namely an email address that we can use to respond to you, should it be required (you can use anonymous information for the other details).

We will not send unsolicited email to you. Should we offer a mailing list, we will also require you to opt-in for such a mailing list. It is not something that will happen accidentally.

If you wish to delete your account after you have created it, we’d be more than happy to assist you. Other users cannot see your email address, but we understand when people want to remove accounts/email addresses.

We do have advertisers that use banner ads on this site, but we do not share any personal information with them – if you are concerned, then please don’t click on any of the advertising banners. Some advertisers may use “cookies” in order to generate relevant advertising, however those can be blocked through your web browser settings.

Other Websites
Due to the nature of this site and the large genealogy community, we have many links to other websites. We cannot be responsible for the content or privacy practices of those web sites – we try to link to relevant sites only. If you find a link/website that has a problem, please contact us.