GedGap 2.0 Released (Update: GedGap 2.1)

GedGap 2.0 has been released by Seven Cookies. GedGap 2.0 is a major upgrade.

GedGap is a macOS program (requires OS X 10.10 or later) that is a genealogy research utility – it’s not a full-fledged genealogy application like Heredis, MacFamilyTree, Reunion, etc. Instead, it analyzes a GEDCOM file, and provides information on things such as sources and quality/confidence of sources (or lack thereof), problems with entries (births/deaths), as well as pointing you towards areas that need more research.

It’s available at the Mac App Store for $0.99 (USD):
GedGap – Seven Cookies

Full list of changes below:

    Changes in GedGap 2.0

  • Added ability to re-import a GEDCOM file to update priorities, confidence, tips and scores but preserves research notes,
  • Bug fixes (text scrolling issue in people legend drawer has been replaced with a popover window),
  • Bug fix for landscape printing and scale,
  • Added Touch Bar support for selected MacBook Pros,
  • Added animated birth and death quality scoring gauges (updated in background) to edit research plan window,
  • Dynamic resizing of list and audit output after window size changes,
  • Remove detailed listing of source details to improve readability of list output,
  • Added coloured coded source scoring bar graphics and source tooltips to audit output,
  • Changed birth and death gap scores in People table from numbers to level indicators,
  • Added birth and death relevance indicators to Sources table,
  • Changed filtering by slider to include research completed and exhausted,
  • Added option to hide living, private, research exhausted or complete flags in Plan table within Preferences,
  • Added New Document, New from GEDCOM and Release Notes to main menu, and
  • Added New Document, New from GEDCOM and Preferences to dock menu.

For those genealogists using iPhones/iPod touches, or iPads, GedGap2Go (iTunes) is currently free in the iTunes Store.

Update: Version 2.1
Fixed Plan window; names were colored blue when notes were added, which was difficult to read with blue highlight color