Added Information/Links

Added information about Genealogy on the Macintosh book that was published in 1996. Also added its publisher, ABM Publising, Ltd. Added link to Ben Buckner’s Guide to Emailing GEDCOM files about exchanging GEDCOM files between various users/platforms (Mac/Win/etc/).

Added two Classic Applications

Although they are no longer active projects, they could be useful to some out there : Bygones, a “freeware software program designed to enter and keep genealogical research notes on a laptop or desktop computer” GedPage, ““a gedcom to html webpage builder”. More information can be found at the official … Read more has been upgraded/changed.

We are now running the site through portal software (geeklog). As much fun as handcoding a site is, it’s more efficient for us to go with this setup. User submissions are easy to handle and can even be done without an account if you just want to mention a site … Read more