Information: CD-ROM products and Macs

I spoke with the folks over at about using Macs to view the genealogy data on the CD-ROMs they publish/sell, and they informed me they are working on a Mac solution (right now the viewers are Windows only). They don’t have a timeframe as of yet, but will e-mail/contact us when they have more information.

They have a lot of good genealogy publications to begin with (2000+ books and CDs and counting), and it’s great to see they aren’t going to leave Mac genealogists out.

If your interested, you might want to take a look around their site, and maybe even send them an e-mail stating that your a Mac user and would like to be informed when their Mac solution is released. They obviously know there is an interest from Mac users, since they are working on a Mac solution, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to let them know that you are interested and to thank them for working on a Mac solution. We’ll post more information when we have it.