Software: iMap 3.1

iMap 3.1 has been released. A few comments on other websites mention that people are using this to map genealogy data (migrations, etc.).

iMap 3 is a data visualisation tool designed to map large amounts of latitude/longitude data (or US ZIPcodes). iMap imports data from databases or spreadsheets and maps it onto image or vector maps. Database queries can be used to map only a subset of the data or to filter the data for a certain criterion. iMap is extremely expandable: it offers a plugin format enabling anyone to extend its functionality. Maps can be exported as high quality PDF files for cross-platform viewing. Whether you are outlining marketing strategies, defining sales territories, tracking population trends, or visualizing ecological distributions, iMap offers a flexible and affordable solution.

Requires: Mac OS X 10.3+


    * Importing records is now 6x faster and more reliable
    * iMap can now export only selected records
    * Added support for .eps map files
    * Improved the ‘Set size proportional to field’ feature
    * Brand new statistics feature
    * Ready for Tiger