Update: TAO 1.1b2

TAO 1.1b2 is now out. From the developer’s page:

    TAO is a powerful outliner/organizer built for MacOS X. Using TAO, you can efficiently manage and organize plenty of chunks of information. TAO supports basic outliner facilities, such as creating, moving, sorting, grouping, combining and gathering items.

This is a major step towards version 1.1.

# Improvements

    * Complied as the Universal Binary. (TAO now runs on Intel-base Macs.)
    * Included the Spotlight plugin.
    * Can play embedded sounds and movies in texts.
    * Added a submenu for the preferences panes.
    * Can set the shape of pointer, which is shown at the destination to move while dragging items, to lines or an arrow. (See General tab on Editor pane of Preferences Panel.)

# Bug fixes

    * Fixed a bug that ‘Paste As Outline’ won’t work properly.
    * Fixed a bug in printing where pages whose numbers are greater than one are not printed properly.
    * Fixed a bug in printing where bottom of the column header is clipped.
    * Embedded tables in texts are now saved and restored to file properly.
    * Fixed bugs in spell-checking where misspelled words in comments are not fixed.