Bookpedia 2.2

A new release of Bookpedia, version 2.2, came out a few days ago.

Bookpedia is a book cataloging software for Mac OS X. To save you time and effort, it retrieves all book information from the Internet and lets you arrange your books in any which way you like. Using Bookpedia comes naturally thanks to its familiar iTunes style interface. Bookpedia is written exclusively for Mac OS X, making it fast and efficient.

To retrieve information about a book you have various options. You can enter a keyword, the book title and/or the authors name into the Search feature, choose the locale where you want to search (any Amazon site, the Library of Congress,,, or and hit Search. Once you have found your book you can look for even more information using the Library of Congress and or any of the other sites again. You can also search by scanning the UPC or entering the ISBN into the Search window.

Requires: Mac OS X 10.2+
Cost: $18 USD


    * Image capture command for firewire cameras to capture cover images.
    * Autofill preference window for editing autofill values.
    * New link to display table view on some web view pages.
    * Full alphanumeric sort, no need to hold down option for numeric sort.
    * Entry selected after addition.
    * Startup if there is no last selection from previous use, the first entry is chosen.
    * Multiple add window, search values can be edited in the list display.
    * Ability to export alphabetically by a date; allowing exports separated by month or year in conjunction with the date format preferences.
    * Custom field titles update automatically when updating app.
    * removed from final template export for non HTML use like MySQL imports, UIEE…
    * New disk image
    * UI: fixes to German translations some localized words to big for their buttons.
    * Bug fix: auto fill values in edit and multiple edit window in sync.
    * Bug fix: Japanese web export character encoding.
    * UI fix: empty selection left summary scroll bar visible in drawer.

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