Caboodle 1.0b2

A beta version 1.0b2 of Caboodle from Dejal Systems, LLC has been released. Caboodle allows you to Collect random snippets of text or images. From Dejal:

Everyone comes across information that they want to refer to later. Maybe gifts you’ve received or sent, product serial numbers, recipes, directions to someone’s house, a photo of your pet, or anything else. Caboodle is a tool to help store and organize such random bits of information.

You can arrange the items in an outline-like hierarchy, and include both structured fields and free-form text and pictures in each entry, along with web links, lists, tables, and more. The entries can be searched, and the Services menu is also supported, to quickly add or output an entry.

Requires: Mac OS X 10.3.9 or better.


    * Significantly improved the window appearance.
    * Now saves any unsaved changes to the current entry when quitting.
    * On starting, the entry that was selected when quitting is re-selected.
    * The icon for each entry can now be edited.
    * Added lots of new text manipulation features (some only available under Mac OS X 10.4 and later), including adding links, lists, and tables; completion, and more.
    * Added a search feature. Enter text in the toolbar search field to list just entries that contain that text. Clear the search field to return to the outline list.
    * The window is no longer resized when adding or removing custom fields, and they are drawn much faster.
    * Reimplemented the Preferences window to simplify it. Removed the “Show All”, “Prev” and “Next” buttons, plus the “Show All” page. Also rearranged the page layout to move the Help button to the right, to conform with Apple’s conventions. Plus many behind-the-scenes improvements.
    * Added a preference to show the ruler for new entries. This is on by default.
    * Each entry remembers its ruler state, too, and creating a new entry based on another carries the ruler state over.
    * Moved the data into a “Dejal” sub-folder, and renamed the data file for future Spotlight compatibility.
    * Added sample data. If there is no existing Caboodle data, a default set of data is used, that gives examples of some uses of Caboodle and its features.
    * Added support for a crash reporter, so in the hopefully unlikely event that the app crashes, you can provide information that may be very helpful in tracing the cause. The information can be sent anonymously, and only if you choose to send it.
    * Fixed problems with dragging entries to reorganize them in the outline.
    * Upgraded to the latest development tools.
    * Plus many other changes.