Universal Binaries, Rosetta, Intel CPUs

Apple has updated their pages concerning Universal Binaries, Rosetta, and Intel CPUs:

Apple’s Rosetta page
Apple’s Intel CPU page
Apple’s Universal Binary page

We also have a small page concerning Universal Binaries here. As of yet, few Mac genealogy applications are compiled as Universal Binaries (MacFamilyTree being one), but as far as I know, most Mac genealogy developers are going to work on Intel-compatible/Universal Binary versions of their software. With Rosetta, they have plenty of time – Rosetta won’t be like running a Mac OS 8.x or 9.x application where you have to load up the Classic environment – it runs PowerPC Mac OS X applications alongside your other OS X applications, basically it’s transparent to you that it’s a PowerPC application instead of a Universal Binary. After all, even if a PowerPC-based application under OS X on Intel runs 25% slower than on a PowerPC-based Mac, considering the new iMac is twice as fast as the old, and the MacBook Pro is upto 4 times as fast…well I don’t think we need to worry about performance problems 🙂