Genealogy Pro 2.0 Pre-Release 6 and 6b

Genealogy Pro 2.0 Pre-Release 6 and 6b have been released. It’s a new Mac OS X genealogy application (a major update to an older, MacOS/Classic genealogy application). It requires Mac OS X 10.2.8, and sells for $20 (with a 30-day free trial).

Among the updates: ‘Starting Point’ window added, interface updates, and a ‘check for updates’ function.

Developer’s Note:

Although release 5 was originally intended to be the final beta release, feedback from users has resulted in more changes than anticipated so a further release 6 is provided.

Changes: Pre-Release/Update 6b

* update 6b is identical to release 6, except the image window, which appears to have been broken since release 5, has been fixed.

Changes: Pre-Release/Update 6
* A ‘starting point’ window when launching the application makes it more intuitive for new users
* Improved behaviour for empty databases – if you delete all people from the database you can now add a new person
* Fixed a bug where you could potentially over-write over open files when creating a new untitled document
* Updated family report so no more than one window for a family/individual is created
* Fixed bug (blunder) in GEDCOM export where males could be assigned the WIFE tag & females the HUSB tag
* Fixed memory leak in charts
* Fixed persistence of chart hyperlinks check box (used to be always on) for new chart creation
* Implemented a ‘check for updates’ function (menu ‘Genealogy Pro⇒Check for Updates’). You can use this to periodically check for updates. There is no need to visit the Genealogy Pro home page just to check for updated versions of the application (this will also notify beta users when the final release is available). There is no automatic checking yet.