iScrapbook 3.0.7

There is a new version of iScrapbook out from Chronos, iScrapbook 3.0.7. iScrapbook is exactly what it sounds like – digital scrapbook software for Apple’s Mac OS X or creating and organizing scrapbook projects. It requires Mac OS X 10.5.8 and is $49.99 for the single-user license. A fully functional trial version can be downloaded at the links below.

* Fixed problem where applying an image effect onto a cropped image caused big slowdowns and memory consumption when printing or exporting
* Fixed problem where standalone Smart Inspector would sometimes be disabled until a selected graphic was reselected
* Fixed problem quitting the software by manually closing the main window

Version 3.0.6 Changes/Updates
* Fixed problems with duplicating a page
* Fixed problem where image cropping wasn’t completed when selecting a different page

Official page: iScrapbook (Chronos)
Download/Update: iScrapbook download