iFamily for Leopard 2.531

iFamily for Leopard version 2.531 was released yesterday. It’s the first release for this Mac OS X genealogy program since v2.526 back in July.

The main features in this release – internationalization for several areas.

Changes in version 2.531
Internationalization Support
* Enabled internationalization for the Ancestors and Descendant Reports
* Enabled Internationalization for the Ancestors and Descendants Diagrams/Charts
* Enabled Internationalization for the Sources Dialog

Main Menus
* Duplicated the functionality of the “A” and “D” buttons in the toolbar as “Ancestors Chart” and “Descendants Chart” in the Reports menu.

Family Dialog
* Repaired a bug which caused a crash when enter was hit in the name column of the Marriage Events table. A coding shortcut was resulting in the program searching for a gender column of which there was none. (bug introduced in V2.500).

If you are currently using iFamily, you can automatically download the latest version through the iFamily for Leopard menu. You can also download it manually through the iFamily for Leopard website.