Metes and Bounds 3.8.0

Metes and Bounds 3.8.0 has been released by Sandy Knoll Software. It’s a fairly significant release – several new additions to the software.

Metes and Bounds is a cross-platform application (Mac, Windows, Linux) that allows you to take raw data and turn it into deed plot maps. It can calculate feet, acreage, and hectares using rods, chains, meters, yards, inches, fathoms, hands, spans, or furlongs. It can support merging or splitting of plots It supports GPS as well. It’s one of those applications that most people will never need, but it might prove useful to a genealogist who is doing research on say homesteads. If you need such an application, you’re going to really need it!

New Additions to Metes and Bounds
* The background picture scale is now limited to 30 miles instead of 20 miles if the Enable Large Scale preference is checked.
* Can now export and import all layer call lists instead of just the current layer.
* Floating call lists can now be double columned.
* Floating call lists can now show the call number.

* Layer caption fonts will now return to their saved settings if the layer caption forms cancel button is pressed.
* Layer line colors will now return to their saved color if the layer line forms cancel button is pressed.

There are free/trial, Basic, and Professional versions available. See the link below.

Download/More Information: