Apple’s New iPad, iPhoto Updates

By now you know that Apple’s new iPad has been officially announced. We won’t see it in stores until the 16th of March, but it’s a very nice update and in some ways better than expected. It’s being called their new iPad – not iPad 3 or iPad HD as some predicted.

Updates include
* 2048×1536 “Retina” display
* 44% increase in color saturation over previous iPads
* A5X CPU with quad-core graphics
* 5 MP rear iSight camera that offers similar optics to the 8 MP camera present in the iPhone 4S. This camera supports 1080p video recording.
* Support for LTE mobile networks (very big increase in speed).

The Wi-Fi only models start at $499 for the 16 GB model, but they are keeping the iPad 2 around, starting at $399 for the 16 GB Wi-Fi only version.

iPhoto for Mac OS X received a minor update to version 9.2.2 – Photos can now be deleted from Photo Stream.

iOS 5.1 was released (Mobile Genealogy) earlier today as well. Lot of things for the Camera app as well as some increased functioanlity with the podcast software, and other changes and bugfixes.

The Apple TV was upgraded to support 1080p output, and iTunes and iCloud were also upgraded to support 1080p content.

Because of the focus on the iPad and Apple’s mobile offerings, I’ll be covering more of today’s events at Mobile Genealogy