Reuniun 10.0.2

A few weeks ago, Reunion 10.0.2 was released, and like 10.0.1, it has a very impressive list of fixes, changes, and additions. The folks at Leister Pro have been working hard since the release of Reunion 10.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you can download it here. If you have tried it, or purchased or upgraded it, you can select the update feature built into Reunion 10.

Among the major changes, you can now obtain coordinates of a place when you move pins around in the Geo Code Place window. The relationship calculator has been improved, and four websites have been added to the resources –,, FindMyPast UK, and the Guild of One Name Studies.

New – Places feature addition
In the Geo Code Place window, you can now move the pin point to an exact location (for example, a home, farm, cemetery, etc.) and retrieve the geo coordinates of the exact location of the moved pin point.

“Find relationship between two people” feature improvements”

  • Multiple blood relationships will be reported if they exist.
  • Blood relationships will take precedence over spouse relationship.
  • By default, the husband and wife in the current family view will appear as Person 1 and Person 2 for this feature.

Search the Web feature improvements
– Moved the item “Search Favorites” to the top of the pop-up menu.
– Added the following resources:

  • – contributed by Reunion user Keith Bage
  • GuildOfOneNameStudies.plist – contributed by Reunion user Keith Bage

Other bugfixes, improvements, and changes in Reunion 10.0.2
– In the Find panel, restored the Edit menu and Command-V (Paste) shortcuts while editing text in fields of the Find panel.
– Restored arrow key behavior in the family view such that pressing left and right arrows moves to the previous and next marked person (when the cursor is not in a sidebar search box).
– When “found lists” are saved, their columns, field setup, and sorting configuration are saved with them.
– Multimedia items stored in the Users/Shared folder will be found/linked.
– Fixed a problem where the Last Name UPPERCASE and Initial Caps button were ignored when pressing Done or Escape while the cursor was active in a freshly edited field. This problem was introduced in 10.0.1.
– Removed the Command-key text in item #1 of the Marking Shortcuts window. This cosmetic problem was introduced in 10.0.1.
– Fixed problems with the Edit -> Undo menu item, mainly in Edit Person > Notes. Also fixed a crash involving Undo in rare situations.
– Fixed a problem with the List – People window, where Person ID numbers would drift if one of the columns was “Relationship” and the relationship of somebody was “Spouse of [uncle, aunt, etc}”
– Fixed a problem with the Reunion -> Quit menu commands whenever a Source window was frontmost.
– Fixed a crash with Mac OS X 10.5 when quitting in certain circumstances with the Source, Multimedia, Manual, or List window frontmost.
– Fixed the Preview section of the Source window to properly reflect the setting in Free-Form Text > Exclude From Endnotes button.
– Fixed a problem in the Obituary report where Grandchildren with death dates and no birth dates were reported as living.
– Fixed a crash when the Autocomplete list was visible, only one suggestion was in the list, and the Cancel/Change buttons were clicked.
– Fixed a crash when the Media window was open and thumbnails in multiple person buttons were double-clicked.
– Changes to General Preferences > “Font for lists and data entry” are now properly applied to all logs and new logs.
– Fixed a problem when “Flatten web output” was selected for Web Projects, where the arrow images were not linked properly.
– Fixed problems with opening and closing of the Color panel in certain situations.
– Fixed the “Limit to one page” option for Pedigree charts.
– Fixed a problem editing places in Edit Family > Children.
– Fixed a problem with the display of place fields immediately after spouses in child buttons.
– Improved the usage list under the Places sidebar to better handle instances where a single place is used by large numbers of events.
– Improved handling of web cover page links for Facebook and Twitter url’s.
– Several improvements to performance.
– Several improvements to the manual.