ohmiGeneLite 5.37.3

ohmiGeneLite 5.37.3 is now available, it’s a Mac OS X genealogy application requiring an OS X 10.5 or later.

5.37.3 adds a requested feature – the ability to list people starting from an initial person to a common ancestor, and then to a second person. For instance, if you were curious about shared relatives with a distant cousin, you could select yourself, and that cousin, and it would display your ancestors up to a common ancestor, and then it display the descendants of that common ancestor down to your distant cousin.

The full version is available for $40 through ohmi.celeonet.fr, but you can download ohmiGEneLite through this page. It’s also available for Windows and for PowerPC Macs through that page. It’s one of the few genealogy applications still available for PowerPC macs.

In select countries, you can also download an iPad version through the iTunes App Store (Update: No longer available)