Reunion 11.0.12 Released

Reunion 11 Reunion 11.0.12 has been released. It’s a macOS/OS X native genealogy application (requiring OS X 10.6 or later), and 11.0.12 includes mainly bug fixes, including one pertaining to those genealogists using macOS High Sierra.

There is a new feature – you can drag URLs from either Firefox or Chrome to create a new source record.

If you would like to try Reunion for free (demo mode), or just download Reunion 11.0.12, please visit Leister Productions, Inc.

Changes in Reunion 11.0.12
– High Sierra – fixed a problem where the names of children wouldn’t appear when the family view was showing children in a list
– Book – marriage places will be properly included in the Place Index
– Multimedia – fixed a problem that could sometimes cause a crash when modifying the Memo field
– URLs can now be dragged from Firefox or Chrome to create a new source record
– Fixed a minor problem when syncing the marriage memo field to ReunionTouch
– Fixed a rare problem where citations occasionally couldn’t be deleted
– Fixed some cosmetic issues with reporting