Cousin Calculator

Cousin Calculator 1.0 Product Page
Publisher: iRoots.Net (The Internet Roots Network)
Type: Relationship Calculator
License: Free
Last Updated: ???

Languages: English

Hardware Requirements: ??
MacOS Requirements: Mac OS X 10.x
Download: From iRoots.Net

Official Description:
Calculating the relationship between two people is often a confusing issue. There are lots of tables and charts that try to alleviate this situation, but often they just make things more complicated. I developed the following programs in an attempt to make this process easier… Notes: There is also a web-based version available. Unsure if this will run under MacOS 8x/9x with CarbonLib. This application unarchives into a single package/binary, 232k big, that can be placed anywhere (graphics, help, etc., are all contained in the package)

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