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FM Gene

    This free FileMaker Pro 7 genealogy solution lets you enter people and families, create lists and charts and document your research. Reports include 4 and 5 generation Pedigree charts, Family Group, Ancestors, Descendants and more. Birth, death, marriage, surname indexes and also people and family lists in various formats are included. Quick reference Pedigree and Family overview screens as well as Media and Addresses are also included. Reusable, linked Source records can be used for both individual and family citations. To use this, just launch the FMGene.fp7 file. Help screens are available. FileMaker Pro version 7 is required. Sign in as a guest – no password. An unlocked version is available from the author for $20 so you can add your own custom reports, etc.

Chip’s Genealogy Automation Page – ( Older genealogy databases that can give you an idea of what you can do. They can be upgraded to FM 7 by simply dropping them onto the active FM 7 icon in the OS X Dock.

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