First Look – Heredis Mac X.2 – Part I (Page 2)

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Multi-Criteria Search:

Heredis  Mac X.2 - Search

Heredis Mac X.2 - Multi-Criteria Search

Search functions – Excellent – many options are available through the multi-criteria interface. If you have a large GEDCOM file – you will be able to find people by all sorts of ways – even down to using age differences between spouses as a search criteria. They have really worked on the search functions and it shows – very speedy. This will turn out to be one of the strengths of Heredis Mac X.2.

Witnesses and Events:

Heredis  Mac X.2 - Witnesses and Events

Witnesses/Events – Events are covered extensively, including a large list of standard events, with the ability to add your own, personalized events. This is something that is available in almost all genealogy software these days, however the way it’s handled here, and how there can be witnesses for everything (and there are lists of standard witnesses attached to each event, along with the ability to add your own type of witness) is a bonus. You can add as many witnesses as you need to an event. This could be very useful for those who want information about people who participated in weddings, funerals, etc. (information that can be gleaned from registers).

Media Handling:

Heredis  Mac X.2 - Media Handling

Multimedia handling – nicely handled – all drag and drop with media capabilities for all data (events, people, etc.). It should be a given that any Mac genealogy applications from here on out should take advantage of iPhoto integration. You can associate media with just about any data object – person or place/event, including documents and files. It also handles multiple media/photos for each data object within the main interface – it’s easy to navigate through pictures. There’s also a media manager that allows you to browse all of the media and easily add comments/notes later, or in a pseudo batch-mode.

Source Management – Improved a great deal. I’ve touched on the multimedia handling, witnesses/events, and the surety/reliability levels already – you can refer back to those for screenshots. I like the source transcription function – that allows you to link a transcription as well as a photo of the document.

Part II (Coming Soon) – Exporting to Excel, Merging, Extensive Screenshots, Family Tree printouts, 3D Family Tree, Website generation, Coherence checking, Statistics, Dictionary.