MapMemo 1.0 Product Page
Publisher: MapMemo
Type: Mapping/Plotting Software
License: Shareware (1.0 is free, 2.0 will cost $18)
Last Updated: Sep 2004
Languages: English

Hardware Requirements: ???
MacOS Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3
Download: MapMemo (2 MB)

Official Description:
Software to Organize Your Files by Location – on any Map, Photo, Graphic ..!
Users can drag their various files from the Finder directly to geographic maps and thus relate them to places. This process only creates aliases and never changes the files in any way. MapMemo only cares about the organisation on the Map, all files still open in their native application. Users can also drag their various files to graphical charts, drawings or photographs in order to sort files by another relevance than alphanumerical names or data types.

Screenshots: (Pop-up Window, 800×600 or smaller, Mac OS X 10.3x, )

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Route 66 can be used to export maps in a format useable by MapMemo

Version History:

Version 2.0.2 – 3 Aug 2005

    Text-Memo: – If you double-click on a Text-Memo and your Info-Window is closed, it will now open so you can see and read the according text. This was important for users which came new to the application: they often didn´t understand what a Text Memo was, because they couldn´t see anything happening.

Version 2.0.1 – Jun 2005

    * Archives now work properly on other computers. (see issues Version 2.0)
    * English Tutorial file included in the installer image works properly.
    * Tiger (Mac OS 10.4): MapMemo is now Tiger-compatible.

Version 2.0 – 6 May 2005

    Shareware: MapMemo is now Shareware. You can save every file 5 times before you have to license MapMemo and pay a fee. You can use MapMemo 2 as a reader for MapMemo files without any time-limit or feature-limit.

    Archive: Make an archive file of your MapMemo file containing all the Memos which are linked to that Map. Select layers to be included in the archive. MapMemo archives can be transfered to other computers, backuped or published via download. The Archive function duplicates the Map and all the linked files, relinks all of them and compresses a zip file of the whole construction. Whenever it gets unpacked on another computer it is again a fully functional MapMemo file.

    WebMemo: You can now drag your weblinks directly from your browser on the Map in order to link them to a place. MapMemo now links directly to the web and not only to your own harddrives.

    TextMemo: This type of Memo has no link to any other file but will only help you to add basic notes to a specific place on your Map without having to create an extra text-file in an external application.

    Relink Memos: You can now change the link of a Memo to a file or a web-address by relinking them to a new target.

    Undo/Redo: Undo and redo are now integrated in MapMemo.

    Open Recent: You can now open your recent MapMemo Files from a list in the menu.

    Maps other than 72 dpi: MapMemo 2 handles Maps with dpi resolutions larger than 72dpi correctly.

    Help: MapMemo now has it´s own detailed help.

    Tutorial: MapMemo now comes with an english tutorial included in the installer. Other languages are available from the MapMemo website for download.

    General improvement: Speed of the preview in the info-windows is much better now thanks to an integrated cache. Also the application behaves much quicker.

    Modified pin icons: We did modify the pins a little bit to make work easier. TextMemos and WebMemos got their own variation of the red pin.

    Issues Version 2.0

    Multiple Info-windows: If you select more than 8 Memos and press commmand-i to open all Info-windows at once MapMemo will freeze.

    File name misbehavior: In some cases MapMemo file-names misbehave if you duplicate them: instead of changing name from “file.mmo” to “file copy.mmo” they get the name “file.mmo copy” and get no longer recognized by the Mac OS as MapMemo files. Please check and rename those files manually. The same happens sometimes if you make aliases.

Version 1.0 (Sep 2004)

    Initial Release

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