Requires: Mac OS X 10.2x
This application has Spotlight support.

Cost: $19.95 (2.x series is still free)

Version History

Version 3.1.3b1 – 9 Aug 2005

Version 3.1.2 – 29 July 2005

    * Implemented Spotlight support.
    * Fixed a problem where journals could show up as locked when nested inside another journal.
    * Improved HTML exporting.
    * Fixed some problems with registration.
    * Added a preference to disable automatic list discovery.
    * Added a preference to change the first day of the week displayed in the calendar.
    * Improved list support.
    * Various other small fixes.
    * Italian support.

Version 3.1.1 – 19 May 2005

    Bug Fixes:
    * Fixed a problem where changing multiple lines to checkboxes would add the same checkbox on each line (instead of different checkboxes for each line).
    * Fixed a problem preventing the splitter position in the journals drawer from getting saved in between launches.
    * Fixed a problem with smart quotes and Entourage.
    * Improved the numeric list recognition logic to exclude things like “8.00 PM”.
    * Fixed the “None” item in the Highlight toolbar item.
    * Fixed the “Backdate” button in the LiveJournal panel.
    * Fixed a problem in the calendar with months beginning on Sunday (i.e. May 2005).
    * Links are now terminated when you end a line.
    * Fixed a crash when using a custom background color in Full Screen mode.
    * Fixed a crash that can happen when the calendar tries to automatically change days at Midnight.
    * Fixed a problem when switching list modes in an empty entry.

Version 3.0.2 – 15 Mar 2005

    Fixed the undo state after creating a journal. NSUndoManager isn’t very helpful for anything really.
    * Fixed a freeze-up that can occur when you cancel the Blogger panel while it was sending an entry or getting the list of blog IDs from the server.
    * If there is a permissions problem saving the registration info MacJournal will prompt you for an administrator password to correct the issue.
    * Tossing your data in the Trash and restarting MacJournal will now create new data instead of using the data in the Trash.
    * Fixed problem where the text would be scrolled back to the previous position if that position was at the very end of the text.
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Version 3.0 – Jan 2005

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